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Automatic Blog

A computer website with pulls your comments posted to various websites.
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A website that pulls the comments you've posted to vairous websites that day (slashdot, halbakery), etc.
lawpoop, Sep 27 2003

Bristolz's Blog http://www.halfbakery.com/user/bristolz
Pretty paltry, if you ask me. But, she's highly rated. [lawpoop, Oct 04 2004]


       So, basically, a forum blogger. This might require new software. But it should be easy enough, there's web-tracking stuff out there already.
Eugene, Sep 27 2003

       I can see this working: A web site which accepts registration of you, the sites to which you contribute and your identity on said sites.   

       Seems like the toughest part would be giving this website the "signature" or set of rules describing the layout of the sites to which you post so that it can search out your identifier and then grab the appropriate text in relation to your identifier.   

       There's not something like this already? I think it needn't be a website. It could easily be software that runs from your computer, reads from the designated sites and posts to your blog.   

       I already have a site that keeps all of my daily comment postings in one place.
half, Sep 27 2003

       Gah. It's not bad enough that you have a blog in the first place. You want it to go collect up everything you've said in other places as well?   

       Why do bloggers think every utterance of theirs is so damn interesting that people would want to scrounge up every last syllable?
waugsqueke, Sep 27 2003

       [waugsqueke] how about using that site's rating system? Slashdot has karma on comments, halfbakery has croissants.
lawpoop, Sep 27 2003

       [bris], you're going to have to add a qualifier to your page:   

       "a FEMALE halfbakery moderator." Don't know how many have gotten that confused...
RayfordSteele, Oct 02 2003

       Because English, like a lot of other languages, is biased towards male pronouns.   

       This doesn't happen in Chinese or Finnish. They have genderless pronouns.
lawpoop, Oct 02 2003

       [bristolz] is female?! Huh. Fooled me.
half, Oct 02 2003

       lawpoop is a twit?!
po, Oct 02 2003

       Blogs are necessary?
Utah, Oct 03 2003

       An automatic blog that collected comments from this site would make for very strange reading.
darkclown, Mar 22 2006

       back to life with you!
goodmars, Mar 11 2009

       back to life with you!
goodmars, Mar 11 2009

       back to life with you!
goodmars, Mar 11 2009


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