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Extension for Idea Blogs

A simple gadget for "idea blogs" (blogs where you write ideas as blog entries), so that their readers could invest money and get work opportunities through reading them.
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Here is how it would work:

1. For a reader who searches for a job it would look like this:

Say you read a blog of ideas and think that an idea sounds cool, and you want to work for it's realization, so you click "join", register with the system, share appropriate fields of your resume, choose "as a potential worker" and wait until someone some day contacts you...

2. For a reader who searches for entrepreneurial ideas or or investment opportunities, it would look something like this:

You read a blog of ideas, and think that this one idea is a really a cool thing to do. You see a large number of people want to work for it. So you press "join", choose "as a potential investor", and pay some relatively small amount of money over the web to join the group as a/the manager to see their resumes, etc. The bonus is that these all people would already be motivated to realize the idea.

3. For an idea blogger who loves to think up ideas, it would be just writing and posting ideas on his or her blog.

Inyuki, Feb 21 2010

Google product ideas engine http://productideas.appspot.com/
Have an idea you want google to hear? Submit it here. Unless the app-engine server is crashing (i.e. right now.) Oops... [jutta, Feb 24 2010]

Kickstarter.com http://www.kickstarter.com/
There are other sites that use the pledge principle, but this one seems to get quite a bit of successful use lately. [jutta, Feb 24 2010]


       What's novel here, is user-generated idea-specific resume field collections, and selling this information to potential enterpreneurs, which could potentially increase the likelihood of them creating new companies, and this way boosting the innovation-driven economies. It musn't be at Google's Blogger where this could first be realized, but I included these words into the headline, because this would make it easier for Google to find it, just in case they were searching for new ideas on HB, but in general, sure, it doesn't matter weather it is Google or some other company which would like to profit from collecting and selling this kind of information, in this kind of manner online.
Inyuki, Feb 24 2010

       It all seems a bit backwards somehow.   

       Wouldn't it be better/efficient for people with valuable skills to register their general interest in being involved in developing new ideas?   

       Then, when an entrepreneur/investor discovers a invention/idea they want to pursue, they look for the people (on the register) with the necessary skills and ask them if they're interested in developing the particular invention.   

       //I included these words into the headline, because this would make it easier for Google to find it, just in case they were searching for new ideas on HB//   

       ah, that made me smile.
xaviergisz, Feb 24 2010

       // ah, that made me smile.
Strange. It made me cringe. Google has its own central idea submission engine (at appspot, see link). If you want their attention so much that you'll sacrifice the readability of your idea, maybe paying enough attention to them to find the places where they're already looking would be a reasonable first step.
jutta, Feb 24 2010

       // Then, when an entrepreneur/investor discovers a invention/idea they want to pursue //   

       [xaviergisz], the other model takes away the joy of seeing the ideas in public.
Inyuki, Feb 24 2010

       This mkes me think. Bun for that. Perhaps a melding of Linked-In and one's hyperlinked resume in some fashion.
RayfordSteele, Feb 24 2010

       [jutta], sorry. I wasn't motivated to harm HB resources, I was just thinking of the potential benefits to society. Thanks for the link to Google's idea submission engine. Tell me if you think I should rename the idea.   

       The Kickstarter is interesting, and close, but I think it lacks:
1. The possibility of easily sharing only the desired the resume fields.
2. The possibility to write ideas as easily as a blog entries.
Inyuki, Feb 24 2010

       Yes, kickstarter is different - I'm thinking of it as a building block, not a substitute.   

       I think the idea name isn't very good, since it has not directly to do with Google Blogger, and since the system you propose is far from an "extension".   

       "as easily as" - sometimes, making things a little harder is good, because it means that the people who do it will have demonstrated a commitment to actually stick with it (because they stuck with it just to get your attention). A lot of real-world mechanisms have built-in "brakes" like that, and a lot of online mechanisms can be very frustrating because they violate expectations formed by the real world, and don't replace the proof of reliability with other mechanisms (e.g., testimonials, past work, visible social connections, high cost of changing identity).
jutta, Feb 24 2010

       [jutta], I changed it. Hope fully the new name is better.
Inyuki, Feb 24 2010

       I agree with [Jutta] about the idea name. Up until then, i read it as too specific to be relevant to here.
nineteenthly, Feb 25 2010


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