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1970s Orange Dinnerware Fortune Cookies

Your future, in an ugly orange ceramic roll
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If you remember the 1970s then you'll remember chunky orange dinnerware, with brown patterns on it. If not then you should probably read a different idea, unless your grandma still has some of it in her kitchen.

The proposal here is to print horoscope-style fortunes on the plates, in glaze, then fire them in a kiln and roll them into fortune cookie shapes as you do so.

Then, when you go to your local, trendy, retro restaurant you are given a hideously ugly ceramic fortune cookie, at the end of the meal, which you have to break and put back together to read your horoscope/fortune.

This is not the age of Aquarius... in bed.

UnaBubba, Jun 13 2012

How to fold fortune cookies http://www.wikihow....ke-a-Fortune-Cookie
[UnaBubba, Jun 13 2012]

Hideous Brown & Orange Dinnerware http://www.etsy.com...a_view_type=gallery
Makes you want to start smashing immediately, doesn't it? [UnaBubba, Jun 13 2012]


       Interesting - I could do this quite easily if I knew how to fold a fortune cookie. I have about half a tonne of porcelain at home and two kilns. I don't have any brown or orange glazes though. Also, it would be best to write on the clay in oxides (e.g. iron or manganese) rather than glaze. Glaze doesn't stick to wet clay (and it would have to be wet in order to be foldable) and also any glazed surfaces which touch each other would stick together permanently on firing and you wouldn't be able to read the writing.
hippo, Jun 13 2012

       //with brown patterns on it.//
We call it "gravy".
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Jun 13 2012

       Or at school mealtimes, 'custard'.   

       We will bun this because we like the idea of smashing ANYTHING even remotely resembling // chunky orange dinnerware, with bbrown patterns on it // on purely aesthetic grounds.   

       IIt's the sort of stuff that even Ferengi wouldn't trade in.
8th of 7, Jun 13 2012


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