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1.5 legged trouser lamp

Lamp that makes good use of an old pair of trousers
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The 1.5 Legged Trouser Lamp is an essential item for the home of any enthusiastic Masonic Lodge member.

Fully adjustable it can be raised, lowered and swivelled to point in any direction, and provides a happy home for any surplus pair of trousers. Runs on a low heat bulb, to eliminate fire risk.

It's best just to view the illustration.

Other lamps are under construction....

xenzag, Jul 07 2006

1.5 legged trouser lamp https://sodabred.tu...-trouser-lamp-its-a
Masonic Lodge Approved ! [xenzag, Jul 07 2006, last modified Mar 02 2018]


       At last, a home for all those jeans I can't fit into anymore.
normzone, Jul 07 2006

       how does it stand up?   

       reminds me of a pete and dud joke
po, Jul 07 2006

       the supporting lamp pole is inside it and looped over.... thought too obvious to need description. The trouser material could be stiffened as a result of years of saturation with diverse glar (local vernacular)
xenzag, Jul 07 2006

       Very nice - you would make a good halfbakery illustrator.
wagster, Jul 07 2006

       it needs a leather apron.
po, Jul 07 2006

       Talk about the light shining out of your arse!
DrCurry, Jul 07 2006

       It's about time you got a bun for your outstanding illustrations,+.
zeno, Jul 07 2006

       I'm confused. Why is it approved by the Masonic Lodge?
ye_river_xiv, Jul 07 2006

       Masons like rolling up a trouser leg. It makes them feel important.
wagster, Jul 08 2006

       Is it possible for a small padding adjusment to the rear creating a sort of bubble buttocks effect? I think that would be a useful place to put a beer, oh, and say, a pocket would be a good place for that remote. I like! Multitasking lamp!
FrankLeeWacko, Jul 08 2006

       This would solve the problem I had as detailed in Crutch Lights [link]. Great.
oneoffdave, Oct 11 2006

       See last link update.
xenzag, Mar 02 2018


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