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Coke Lighter

Have some battery acid and a smile...
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I go to McDonalds and I order a large coke. I then take my cup over to the soda dispenser, where I can fill it up with any of the carbonated soft drinks that are available.

I propose that there ought to be yet one more choice: Pure carbonated water.

I would personally fill my cup with 90% soda, then top it off with 10% Coke.

To me, this "Coke Spritzer" is much more palatable than a regular soft drink. In fact, after you get used to it, it is almost impossible to drink pure Coke ever again. It will soon taste like battery acid.

If someone else wants a good ole fashioned Coke, there it is right there, where it has always been. No harm, no foul.

I have just cut my caloric intake from that drink by 90%. Over a year, this would add up considerably.

This would be a great habit for kids to get into. Once kids got used to this concept, parents could keep soda water at the house, and try to get kids to make such spritzers from orange juice, cranberry juice, (delicious!!) or any fruit juice that the children will drink.

You'd think that the soda companies would like this idea also, as it cuts back on the cost of the syrup.

r_kreher, Aug 12 2008

Half-life of caffeine http://en.wikipedia...Caffeine#Metabolism
Depends on whether you're pregnant or on the pill. [jutta, Aug 12 2008]

here's what happens when you drink a coke... http://www.healthbo...k-a-coke-right-now/
yummy!!! kids just love it!!! [r_kreher, Aug 12 2008]


       Perhaps that is why they don't allow you to tamper with their "brew"... It wouldn't be as addictive???
r_kreher, Aug 12 2008

       //Maybe stop going to McDonalds and drinking Coca-Cola altogether?//   

       Unquestionably the best option. Look at the big picture though. A lot of people go there and take their kids.
r_kreher, Aug 12 2008

       Especially if Normy were suffering from adult onset diabeties, and all the children were obese.
r_kreher, Aug 12 2008

       Why not drink Diet Coke? You really think the Coke syrup is what makes it taste like battery acid?   

       You may be too young to remember (I almost am), but there used to be places called soda fountains that would dispense the syrup and the soda water separately. You could have ordered your version every time. Alas, those days are gone.   

       Nevertheless, many drink dipsensers *do* dispense soda water. Look for a plain water or lemonade (or somesuch) spigot. There's often a "soda" switch, sometimes smaller than normal.
phoenix, Aug 12 2008

       Personally, I would never drink diet anything. Aspartane and saccarin give me headaches.
r_kreher, Aug 12 2008

       wow!! look at all the caffein in iced tea. I had no idea it was so much. I do know, that caffein has a half life of 6 hours. Ingest 100 milligrams at noon, then at 6 you still have 50 milligrams in your system.
r_kreher, Aug 12 2008

       Roger. Diet drinks taste, to me, like industrial waste.   

       I've worked out that it's the artificial sweeteners. I had been using too much sugar in my coffee, and was trying to switch to saccharin, or some other sugar replacement. Headaches, stomach upsets, and one case of a wee bit of vomitus led me to the conclusion that I don't like artifical sweeteners. I now use honey, by the way - black coffee only.   

       Does anyone know if coke is switching, or supplementing with artificial sweeteners, or perhaps a new preservative? I reckon the taste and mouth feel of coke has changed over the last, say 3 years. It's more.... chemical-like.   

       Oh, bun for the idea, BTW. My favourite is pineapple+mango juice, cut heavily with soda water.
Custardguts, Aug 12 2008


       i think i'll buy some pomegranite juice tonight. everybody's talking about it. maybe i'll go all out and juice a pomegranite myself. (love the juice, hate the clean-up)
r_kreher, Aug 12 2008

       I am the exact same way with vodka soda versus vodka tonic. I used to drink tonic water, but once i switched to soda I can't go back... it tastes like someone dumped a bunch of maple syrup into your drink. I think this is a really strong idea that could gain a lot of traction if advertised well.
124, Aug 13 2008

       "Normy" don't play that game. I consider it unsafe to drink soft drinks unless alcohol has been added. Even then, my stomach insists on moderation.
normzone, Aug 13 2008

       //Does anyone know if coke is switching, or supplementing with artificial sweeteners, or perhaps a new preservative? //   

       the price of corn is going way up.
r_kreher, Aug 13 2008


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