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Dolphin torch

An ultrasound clicks generator to illuminate dolphins' environment, and yet another way to explore dolphins' ability to use a new tool
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We humans invented a torch to see better in the dark. However, dolphins apparently are sound-oriented, and here from the idea: an underwater speaker that generates dolphin's-like sound clicks to illuminate underwater environment, with ultrasound echoes.

The sounds would have to be of a little bit higher (yet still hearable) frequency, so that dolphins could get a sharper pictures of the underwater enviornment. The amplitude of the sound could naturally adjust to the distances of the nearest objects.

The torch would have to make the sound clicks unperiodically, and determined by the amount of time it takes for the echo to return to the dolphin (the longer the distance, the rarer the automatic clicks).

The dolphins could be taught about a special commands to turn on and off the torch.

(P.S., please, inform if you have a better idea for category other than Product:Light )

Inyuki, Apr 20 2010

Not quite as described http://www.getprice...c_640--35077792.htm
So ubiquitous over here I had trouble finding a simple link. [Custardguts, Apr 20 2010]


       [+] it would, I imagine have to be head-mounted so they get the right reflection angles.
FlyingToaster, Apr 20 2010

       I think so. At least symmetrically. It also depends on what is the most sound-sensitive region on a dolphin.   

       Putting the speaker directly above the head, I guess, could give the best view, however, it may raise some problems with higher amplitude sounds, and some combination of insulation and sound deflecting/focusing could be necessay.   

       Putting the speaker below a dolphin could probably give a better performance for seeing far away objects through generating higher-energy impulses (assuming the dolphin's body works as an insulator to protect the head from too strong impulses).   

       Also, there could proabably be two additional commands for a dolphin to control the intensity of the torch manually.
Inyuki, Apr 20 2010

       [21 Quest], sure, this idea isn't as much of a help as a torch at night for us is, and they already have the capabilities to produce the sounds.
Inyuki, Apr 21 2010

       I see this as the equivalent of night vision goggles or even a small telescope. Surely their sonar is range-limited: using a lower frequency and/or louder sounds would extend it and add precision.
FlyingToaster, Apr 21 2010

       There is a very well known brand or torch in Australia called the Dolphin Torch (yes it's waterproof)
simonj, Apr 22 2010

       I do not think it would work. The manufactured click would force the dolphin to listen to the intial click to get the information needed for processing. A natural click would be a subconscious action and would be done in such a way as to pre supply calc data.   

       It would be adding a whole layer of brain processing making the dolphin do the sonar process consciously.   

       Probably, what is needed is a way to amplify the return signals of the dolphins own click which would be equivalent to turning up the light.
wjt, Apr 25 2010

       //Dolphins navigate by sound, which carries pretty uniformly through water//
And there's me worrying about all those thermoclines and shelving beaches.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Apr 25 2010


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