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23 Saints, Apostles...

And Me
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Continuing in our successful set of offers of directly benefiting from one's DNA

Dozens, probably hundreds if not thousands of Christian relics are in various churches around the globe.

Many are directly associated to major religious figures, including St. Peter, and Jesus himself (the tip of the spear, etc).

Entire books and Hollywood movies have been made suggesting that the Holy Grail is in fact the bloodline of Jesus -- without passing any judgement on the validity of such arguments, it would stand to reason that should such relics be subjected to DNA testing, one could discover contemporary descendants of any number of actual historic figures, making the search for christs, anti-christs, and various other angels and demons that much easier.

theircompetitor, Jun 28 2019


       //the search for christs, anti-christs, and various other angels and demons //   

       So, what are you ... ?   

       Hmmm ....   

       <Rummages in ready-use ammunition box/>   

       Ah, yes ...   

       <Extracts metaphorical grenade, pulls pin, throws/>   

       Now, if Mary's pregnancy were truly a "virgin birth" then Jesus must have been the result of parthenogenesis. That would imply that "he" was actually female, as in species using thr XY system of gender determination he could only have been XX, and effectively a clone of his mother - unless of course she was XXY and the ovum was somehow XY.   

       Which is unlikely, but not impossible.   

       Interestingly, some species of reptile can reproduce by parthenogenesis, and produce both male and female offspring. This would suggest that, if Jesus was essentially reptilian, the British Royal family (who are well known for being lizards) are quite possibly descendants of the Divine bloodline, making Charles I's assertion that he was "chosen by God" a great deal more credible.
8th of 7, Jun 28 2019

       <Points out that it's the grenade part, not the pin part, that you're meant to throw.>   

       I know there was a call to DNA test the Turin Shroud, but I don't know if they ever did - I would imagine not. I think the Pope (or whoever officially owns it) allowed a tiny fragment to be radiocarbon dated, and I imagine the results put them off allowing a DNA test.   

       As a vaguely-related aside, there was a legend that a Viking was flayed alive and had his skin nailed to the door of Hadstock church. This was assumed to be merely a legend, until the door had to be renovated and they removed the iron nails and braces, and found large pieces of human skin under them. Whether they DNA tested it or not, I don't know.   

       As for Jesus, she could have been XO, which means she would have had Turner's Syndrome, leading to lack of development of many secondary sexual characteristics such as boobs (which Jesus is traditionally depicted as lacking). It's theoretically possible for an oocyte to fail to undergo either mitosis or meiosis properly, leaving it with a full diploid set of chromosomes (normally 46,XX although it could be 46,XO). It won't normally start development unless it gets penetrated by a sperm, but the sperm can fail to contribute its genetic material. So, as we sequence more and more genomes, my bet is that we will eventually find someone who is a clone of their mother.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 28 2019

       //making Charles I's assertion that he was "chosen by God"   

       Just goes to show god has a sense of humour.
not_morrison_rm, Jul 05 2019


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