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Be a prophet, guaranteed!

Based on the scam in the link
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Publish many predictions using various anonymous pseudonyms in places where you can both verify that you have a unique ID and the date. Places like Slashdot forums or newspaper classified ads. Each prediction should be somewhat likely. The pseudonyms that are correct should make more predictions, and so forth.

After you have a pseudonym with several correct prophesys under his belt, one of the prophets should talk about how he's [choose one: dying, being taken to heaven but will still communicate, taking an extended leave of absence for meditation, off to save the world] and that [choose one: God, one of the Gods, the whisperings of the spirits, forces of nature, a vision] has told him about a new prophet that will lead them to [choose one: the promised land, Valhalla, a righteous life, the way to save the world, victory over the forces of evil] and how those of the True Faith should go to [choose the geographical location for your cult] to follow this leader.

You are, of course, that leader. Enjoy your effortlessly gained followers!
Voice, May 29 2008

This genre of scams Predict_20All_20Victors
[Voice, May 29 2008, last modified May 30 2008]



       "We just knew you were going to say that....."   

8th of 7, May 29 2008

       [Voice] will misuse apostrophes...
hippo, May 29 2008

       [Hippo] If i had English english teachers, I would still be in junior high.
MikeD, May 29 2008

       // [Voice] will misuse apostrophes //   

       [hippo] will critique [Voice]s' grammar, and speeling
8th of 7, May 29 2008

       // If i had English english teachers //   

       Count youself lucky. It causes consternation in U.S. companies when a temporary employee is asked to take a written English test, because they're not a U.S. citizen, and the testee returns the paper rather quickly, having spent a fraction of their allocated time correcting the questions .....
8th of 7, May 29 2008

       Considering how easy it is for charlatans to get people to follow them and believe false, nonsensical, or at best retroactive claims, this level of sophistication hardly seems necessary!
jutta, May 29 2008

       Really folks.   

       It's not all it's cracked up to be.   

       What [jutta] said. Trust me, you can even get away with more than a few incorrect 'end of the world' predictions before your followers lose faith in you.   

       If any of my followers are reading this, the apocalypse I forecast for last Thursday was delayed due to the writers' strike. Good news, though, it's back on again, now due on November 11, 3pm GMT. And remember, if you sign up to give your devout offerings by direct debit before June 21, I guarantee you a place among the blessed few!
imaginality, May 30 2008


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