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Comus as top job

The fluid of universe because life's a joke.
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A part from a special few, can a person that is laughing and happy shoot or kill another human being?

So why not have a religion where the great deity is the essence of humour, Comus spiritualised. Laughing is a vibration and the universe is really just a complexity of energy vibrations. Really, the universe is laughing at us, with us and in us. Most of the time with jokes we don't understand.

We could have the missionaries of this credo, the standups. With everyone allowing the humour to vibrate, the pressure would be off the comedians and there would be a few nuggets in the volume of new material. Truths about the universe may also be uncovered.

Of course there has to be levels of jocularity. We can't have a surgeon fitting uncontrollably with a scalpel in hand. A more esoteric humour is need to boost inner wellbeing in work of a more life threatening nature.

But what if a joke falls flat, shoots way over the head or is too soon, this is probably where this ethereal Comus is just laughing the most. We should learn from this, strive to laugh at the bittersweet 'just is' and become one with the universe.

So if it doesn't work with the medicine, aim to go laughing into the night or sometimes the light.

wjt, Mar 02 2018

The says of Comus Translate_20the_20Bible_20for_20Laughs
Well. one of the versions [wjt, Mar 03 2018]


       On whom would the joke be?
pertinax, Mar 02 2018

       Noone. It's always noone's fault.
wjt, Mar 03 2018

       Wow .... no idea this category was in play.   

       I may be back later.   

       What about birdstrike ?
normzone, Mar 03 2018

       No, not funny enough.
pertinax, Mar 03 2018

       //Noone. It's always noone's fault.//   

       On behalf of my fellow non-entities I protest. My protests are ineffective in the face of gales of laughter - but, luckily, there are AR-15s. Is it still funny now?   

       This is why Comus is not left in charge. He's a cruel god. Stand-up comedians are often bullies. Laughter is good, but often it is a positional good, and makes one person happy by making another person unhappy. And Comus doesn't care. [-]
pertinax, Mar 03 2018

       [pertinax] Everyone has a positional bad, if you can embrace the higher Comus , you laugh as well.   

       [bigsleep] Yes agreed, hopefully the great Amusing Bible can be spread hand-shakily among the people to make life lighter, fun and more worth while, to regain what is lost.
wjt, Mar 03 2018

       What did the pupil say to the school shooter? I don't fancy lead, let's go for two cups of coffee.   

       Maybe some distinctive signs reading "All Shooters report to the Principle's Office"   

       Any humour to change one's brain patterns at a heightened time would have to be slightly clever but strong humour once twigged.   

       Such as, a skeleton walks into a bar and orders a beer and a mop.
wjt, Mar 03 2018

       Nice, I wonder if patterns of gravity do in fact support a consciouness via an unknown virtualisation?
wjt, Mar 09 2018


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