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240 Volt Sofa

your sofa as a multi plug power plug outlet
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My sofa sits tight against the wall, which also happens to be the wall where one of the mains electric plugs is located. This makes it awkward to access, resulting the necessity of running an extension lead along the floor in order to plug in chargers etc.

I have a solution to this problem - the 240 Volt Sofa, or for the feeble electrics of the colonies, a 110 Volt Sofa.
Here's what this means:
240 Volt Sofa has a series of plug outlets running along its base at the front where they are easily accessed but barely visible. Meanwhile at the back of the sofa is an extension lead that plugs into the nearest power supply. In my case this is directly behind the sofa. Unerneath the sofa the front facing oulets are connected to the extension lead.

This means that the entire sofa now functions as a multi outlet power supply, and when I want to charge up my latop or phone etc, I can just reach down and there will be a convenient socket waiting to receive the plug.

xenzag, Aug 12 2021

Your Google-fu is not strong... https://www.seattle...ting-off-the-couch/
Just one of many search results. [neutrinos_shadow, Aug 13 2021]

this one has 110 v https://4seating.co...PP0HPRoCEm4QAvD_BwE
[xandram, Aug 13 2021]

News_20Tank [hippo, Aug 13 2021]


       On that note; why do power leads not have "flush" plugs any more? Ie: the cable points straight out from the wall, instead of nicely parallel. (I know, there are some, but most appliances seem to be annoying "perpendiculars"...)
neutrinos_shadow, Aug 13 2021

       neurrinos_shadow beat me to it, but WKTE. Kick it up a notch?   

       I want more than one USB tap in the arm rests, and maybe a network switch with some Cat6 outlets. Oh, and a HEPA room air purifier and low concentration ozone generator installed into the base.   

       Don’t forget the fire extinguisher. And first aid kit.
a1, Aug 13 2021

       No search I did revealed a sofa into which you could plug your hoover or electric heater..... what seems to exist is a USB sofa, which is close enough I suppose but not the big plug board I had in mind. I'll leave it for discussion. Meanwhile, I'm still looking for a new sofa, as confirmed in Telescopic Posting, but now I'm adding in "must plug into the mains electric" to my specs.
xenzag, Aug 13 2021

       Surely this is ripe for DIY? Buy non-electric sofa. Count number of electrical sockets behind sofa (may be 2 or 4 even). Buy matching number of 6-way extension leads with appropriate length cables. Buy (or find in shed) appropriately sized wood screws. Attach extension plates to front bottom rail of sofa with screws. Viola, plugmatic plugnaciousness beckons, O pluggy one!
pocmloc, Aug 13 2021

       I guess these huge monstrosities that are called home theater seating actually have outlets in the center console. I have seen a lot of furniture with outlets in hotels. Not particularly a couch though.
xandram, Aug 13 2021

       //Viola, plugmatic plugnaciousness beckons, O pluggy one!// Getting this as a tattoo :-)
xenzag, Aug 13 2021

       Viola, a string instrument similar to but somewhat larger than a violin.   

       Voila - A word used to express satisfaction or pride.
a1, Aug 13 2021

       See link - particularly [thumbwax]'s Mar 22 2003 annotation
hippo, Aug 13 2021

       Yes, it's a common joke - and not only on HB. So prevalent that some people really don't know the difference and use it sincerely.
a1, Aug 13 2021


       // feeble electrics of the colonies //   

       We could also use 240v units from the Crown wired to several step- down transformers that would hum and vibrate a bit, providing a relaxing massage to the occupants.
whatrock, Aug 13 2021

       Designed appropriately if you're planning to electrocute a beer-spilling spouse or wee weeing pet, but not sure that's the intention.
4and20, Aug 13 2021


       I've recently noted teenagers exclaiming "Wallah!" to express satisfaction and pride.
Frankx, Aug 17 2021

       //Voila - A word used to express satisfaction or pride.//   

       Hmm, the meaning I get from hearing "Voila" most frequently, which might be unique to certain situations, is: "Here you are, and frankly, I hope you enjoy the food. Not because I want you to be happy and in return I gain some pride in my work, but, because I know this food is below-par tourist pap. By enjoying it, you will betray your barbarian English taste and I will be right. But, while smoking around the back later, I will hate myself because I am serving this pap. What kind of life is that? and if you're enjoying yourself, who is really winning here?"   

       "I want more than one USB tap in the arm rests, and maybe a network switch with some Cat6 outlets." I was going to say, why put outlets on a sofa, sofas live say 10- 40 years* for the meat of the distribution curve, and network standards don't live that long. But, a friend of mine just added a load of Cat5e into his house, and I thought that was old in 2006.   

       *Some in Versailles, for example might be outliers.
bs0u0155, Aug 20 2021

       I'm not keeping it. [marked-for-deletion]
xenzag, Aug 20 2021


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