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2 Axis Sliding Front Seats

For extra reach.
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Just about every car has the ability to slide the front seats forward or back to account for drivers of differing heights.

My idea is for seats that can also slide sideways. The left seat would slide to the left, and the right seat would slide to the right.

The seats could be electrically operated, like many car seats are already.

The only problem is that the door would be in the way unless you opened it. Depending on the model, you might be able to slide the seat over a couple of inches without unlatching the door.

The seat could also lean to the side for that little extra reach.

If you had a really custom door/hinge (or a Lamborghini or something), then the door could either slide sideways with the seat, or it could open out of the way without hitting whatever you are trying to reach.

BJS, Jun 13 2007


       Odd. Just yesterday I was wishing for a center console that would drop down and allow the passenger seat to slide over next to the driver. Old school autos had better snuggle capability.
normzone, Jun 13 2007

       // Old school autos had better snuggle capability. // Indeed. My 1959 Ford Zodiac had a bench seat in the front, with comfortable room for three (amongst other arrangements). (I bought it secondhand in 1968.)
Cosh i Pi, Jun 14 2007

       Why stop at 2 axes? With a sunroof, a vertical motion might be fun as well.   

       Especially for movie chase scenes.
IronyChef, Jun 14 2007

       <sings and waggles dancing fingers>Stick shifts and safety belts, bucket seats have all got to go...doobedoo >sawdf>
squeak, Jun 15 2007


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