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4DW – 4 Driver Wheel Vehicle

merry-go-/round/about car
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This popular option has the vehicle’s four bucket seats mounted on swivels on a large circular floor carousel. Our customers will find it convenient to use when there’s no good place to park and get out, and a backseat driver is challenged to take over the wheel or a passenger is relieving the driver on a long trip or variation in car sex is desired.

To operate, press the clockwise or counter clockwise button, and the floor will rotate, while swiveling the seats in the opposite direction to keep all occupants facing forward. The 4DW will not function until the parking brake is applied, all seat belts are unbuckled and will not stop turning until an occupied seat is in the driver position.

FarmerJohn, Nov 27 2004

Reminded me of the Conference Bike http://www.conferencebike.com/
[theircompetitor, Nov 27 2004]

Dewsbury, West Yorkshire http://www.multimap...ight.x=5&right.y=94
Grand, and almost equidistant between the Ms 1 and 62 [zen_tom, Nov 27 2004]


       Could be useful for handicapped people... or something. [+]
ghillie, Nov 27 2004

       Nothing is ever as much fun as a spot of front seat clamberge as two drivers attempt swapping places during a rainstorm in a typical European compact on the hard shoulnder of the M62 eastbound towards Dewsbury - Not even a button that spins everyone round in clinicaly controlled servo-assisted comfort, sorry. [-]
zen_tom, Nov 27 2004

       [tahuyahick] You went several steps further than my simple shift of driver, and they were some interesting possibilities.   

       [zen_tom] I agree, but that's not much of an invention.
FarmerJohn, Nov 28 2004

       You could probably put this into a hummer fairly easy, but then, you could probably put a whole mini into a hummer fairly easily and do three point turns in it.
stilgar, Nov 28 2004

       Ah! The rolling stop fire drill ... now _that_ was an invention.
reensure, Nov 28 2004


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