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Automatic slide - stop

Memory seat override, for back seat passenger.
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After riding around in the back seat of my mother’s new car this summer, and my friend’s car last week, I want a button accessible to the back seat passengers which stops the automatic sliding back of these upscale power seats.

In case you’re not familiar with them, when you open the door they slide all the way back to give you more room to get in and out, then they remember where you had them and go back when you close the door.

I sometimes sit in the back seat with my legs crossed at the ankle, and at least once I got stuck because my mother’s seat slid back over the top of my toes. It didn’t hurt me itself, but it took some gymnastics to get out of there.

I know there are buttons accessible to the driver which can stop the movement, or prevent it. My idea is to allow the passenger to stop the movement protecting their feet and possibly the upholstery.

swamilad, Mar 09 2004


       I had once pushed the wrong button and was on the verge of being scared as to how close the seat was pushing me. Good idea+
theircompetitor, Mar 09 2004

       Automate it with a proximity sensor? I once nearly got stuck in a Granada where the limit switch for forward travel was broken, managed to stop it just before I got my legs squashed under the dash. +
unclepete, Mar 10 2004


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