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2 tone horn

happy horn/angry horn
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THE SITUATION: Have you ever been driving down the road, and you pass someone you know and you want to say hi to them. you honk your horn. Then, later, when you are pissed off in traffic, you honk your horn. THE PROBLEM: People can't tell weather you're saying "hi there buddy!" or "get the hell out of my way!" because regardless of the driver's emotions, the resulting honk is exactly the same no matter what. MY IDEA: to have 2 different horns. one would be the "happy horn" and could be used to say hi to ur friends while on the road. the other could be the "angry" horn. this one is for telling the grandma in front of you to pick it up. this will avoid the confusion that so often occurs when u hear a horn honk.
BEECH, Apr 23 2003


       Why does it feel there are a ton of pissy drivers on halfbakery? lasers, wheel spikes, flame throwers (probably). Driving doesn't seem important enough to get upset about. And I even live in LA.
johnmeacham, Apr 23 2003

       Don't let it drive you mad.
sufc, Apr 23 2003

       Gnubs usually post car ideas as their first
thumbwax, Apr 24 2003

       Aston-Martin did this in 1976 on the Lagonda (the wedge-shaped one designed by Bill Town).
angel, Apr 24 2003

       I find it easy to tell, as a long HOOOOOOOOOOONNNNKKKKK, complete with the finger and other such gesticulation can usually quite safely be viewed as "i'd rather you didn't do that again" (or words to that effect), where as a friendly pip followed by a wave and a smile can likewise be interpreted accordingly! A combination of short toots and long blasts could be used as a rudimentary form of morse code in an emergency (not recommended though!!!)
MikeOliver, Apr 24 2003

       [jutta] You're probably thinking of "Separate Horny" from November, right here in this category. It is indeed very close to this.   

       However, your own idea "proportional honking" (also in this category) seems to cover this as well as several related ideas. (And predates the halfbakery itself, if I read my halfbaked history book correctly).
krelnik, Apr 24 2003

       Now that you mention it, my horn sounds like BEECH!!
Don Quixote, Apr 24 2003

       Indeed, I hadn't noticed that one. According to an annotation in that one, there used to be an idea named "Angry honk, Happy honk" that has since been deleted. Unfortunately the Wayback Machine doesn't have it archived so we can only guess what it was from its title.
krelnik, Apr 24 2003

       Don't forget the "apology horn", starts high then slides down a tone, like someone saying "so-rry". For those times when you accidentally hit the horn and people start looking at you, bewildered.
DRstrathmore, Jul 07 2003

       I'm hugely disappointed that this isn't a skanking ska horn.
my face your, Jul 07 2003


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