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Automatic "The Light’s Changed!!" Car Horn Activation

Sensor can tell when the stoplight turned green and instantly activates the horn within a nanosecond of it changing.
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Where I live everybody is very rich, privileged and precious, so much so that their time is extremely valuable and not even a second can be wasted waiting for the person at the head of the intersection to accelerate when the light turns green.

But what is a Silicon Valley tech titan to do about the time lag between the light changing and the time it takes to raise their angry fist to the horn to get the bastard who's been holding up the line for a full half second after the light's already turned green?

Introducing the Auto Horn. Sensors activate the horn immediately upon the light turning green and don't stop until the light's out of the sensor's range. Here in Palo Alto, all Teslas (which is all we drive here of course) would be equipped with this so ten, fifteen or more cars would all start blasting at once.

Us Palo Altans are rich as hell so naturally we're angry and bitter about all the prols we have to share the roads with.

We'd be able to write this off on our taxes too the way we do our $150,000 silent running Teslas (except when we're blasting the horn, which is most of the time) because, the environment or whatever.

doctorremulac3, Nov 29 2020

Automated Road Rage Automated_20Road_20Rage
[AusCan531, Nov 30 2020]


       Evidence suggests that this already exists in numerous Latin American countries. Caracas is well known for the phenomenon.
8th of 7, Nov 29 2020


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