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3D Bubble Art

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There’s a lot of art and fun you could have with bubbles, like bubble print (on paper) and bubble photography. So how about an artform that involves bubble preservation? But how can ephemeral and transient bubbles be preserved?

We’ve seen bubbles trapped in glass or plastics before. So maybe we can make that a controlled process, using maybe glass or anything else that can cool rapidly and preserve bubbles in a transparent solid.

The bubble artist would work with a container where the bubbles are created by jets of air or other gases into a liquid. With expert control, the artist will fashion clusters of bubbles into different shapes, sizes, etc. Using a mix of different gases and liquids, colors and tints can be added to the bubbles. When the moment comes (and photographic precision is needed to choose the exact moment), the container is rapidly cooled and the bubbles are frozen in their dance.

The frozen solid then becomes an exhibit. By shining light from different angles at it you can create a sensational display, a wild myriad of refracted colors and diffracted glows. And it will cast interesting patterns on walls.

baboo, Apr 29 2002

The Science of Bubbles http://bubbleart.com/index.html
Check out the artistry of Fan Yang and other bubble links. [baboo, Apr 29 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]

How to do bubble prints http://www.parentsp...8708_109744,00.html
[baboo, Apr 29 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]

David Vetter http://www.horton.e...ity/immune_cond.htm
Living in a bubble. [bristolz, Apr 30 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       Chihuly in soap.
bristolz, Apr 29 2002

       Hi, I'm so sorry I only have time to like post once per week, I usually put down ideas on notepad when they come to me during the week and just post them all when I log on, usually after checking Google for anything similar.   

       Anyway, bubbles are a lot more interesting than bombs or alarms. I think I read something about bubble comoslogy which sounded quite cool... maybe we all live inside bubbles.
baboo, Apr 30 2002

       Maybe I'm mis-understanding your concept, baboo, but if you are only interested in preserving bubbles in their natural states, as an art form this seems as limited in practice as the penchant in 1960's abstract art to mix oils and acids on non-porous substrates: Some very interesting accidents of light and color, but ultimately not very intellectually stimulating or psychically nurturing. In fact, I think I went to a few psychedelic light shows at the Fillmore and other hippiedom venues back in 1968 that made good cinematic use of your basic premise, however those particular bubbles were immortalized on celluloid rather than in glass, and had the benefit of movement within the frame. Since the basic problem with bubble art seems to be that the darn things always tend to be round and therefore ultimately boring, I suggest you investigate the low-tech (and low-cost) pleasures of a lava-lamp.
jurist, Apr 30 2002

       my hair gels like this, they put bubbles it the gel to make it look more... active and cool, and to rip us off a few mls of gel.
i-Mer, May 04 2002

       Open-cell styrofoam, foam rubber and many other polymer products are already "frozen" "bubbles", but I liked the idea of sort of having a bubble art table in all of it's technological splendor. I imagine directing air jets about just so, adding colors and getting stoned somewhere in the process. It would be supa-dupa Zen, methinks. I liked your idea, but know little of bubble production.
GovernmentSerf, Feb 25 2003


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