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animated profile vase

spin and they move
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We've all seen the optical illusion of the vase with a profle on it. instead of having the profile lathed all around, have it so that one side is different, like have the moth open/close. that way when the vase is spun, it will look like the profiles are talking to each other.
the great unknown, Jun 20 2007

profiles in 3D Profiles_20in_203D
another baked idea based on the illusion [the great unknown, Jun 20 2007]


       I'm imagining a pair of these set up on a DJ's two turntables. [+]
pertinax, Jun 20 2007

       + this sounds like fun.
xandram, Jun 20 2007

       i think you can get these in flee markets
abhorsen1983, Jun 21 2007

       I tend to run away from those sort of markets.
wagster, Jun 21 2007


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