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3D Digital Viewmaster Camera

Take and view 3D images instantly.
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Previews appear in stereoscopic LCD monitors. A poloroid version could print out either a dual stereographic set of images, or an old-school red and blue tinted 3D photo.
jaksplat, Dec 14 2004

http://www.sharpert...y.com/3dlaptop.html 3D laptop link [cloudface, Dec 14 2004]

3D cameras http://www.stereosc...oncepts/camera.html
Fairly well baked [krelnik, Dec 14 2004]

Make Your Own Anaglyphs http://features.eng...y/1253716493759137/
How to make your 2 pictures into one red-blue 3D image [Acme, Feb 01 2005]


       Cool. Finally a camera for your Sharp RD3d--the 3d laptop. Maybe Sharp will build one as an accessory...
cloudface, Dec 14 2004

       I have one of those 3d "nishica" cameras that came out about 9 years ago. it has 4 lenses and takes four simultanious picts in the space of two film frames. "lenticular" prints were made from that, but were very expensive to develope. I sent the film in to nishica, with a check, and heard nothing for two years. I then was contacted by another company who said that nishica was out of business, and they had bought up their undeveloped film (some of it was 5 years old) so i finaly got the picts, and they were ok, but not quite worth all that money.   

       Then, years later i bought a antique reproduction stereo scope, to go with a bunch of antique slides that a great aunt had given me (her viewer had been broken or lost years ago). I dug out the negs from the nishica, had some regular prints made, and glued the 2 print from the first and fourth lens of each set, which were about as far apart as your eyes, to cardboard. now i have stereo slides of myself, and my sisters with their husbands. their kids got a big kick out of seeing the slides.   

       well anyhow. i think this idea gets a croisant, I love 3d, and think this will work.
-wess, Dec 14 2004

       The reason the cameras need to be much further appart when viewing things other than close-ups has to do with viewed size versus actual size. If I photograph a 100' tall building from a distance of 500' and want to make a 3d poster from it, I want the poster to look like a 3d //miniature// of the building. If the poster is supposed to look like a 1' tall model of a 100' building, then the eye spacing when photographing the original should be magnified 100-fold to compensate for the reduction in size.
supercat, Dec 14 2004


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