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3d contact lenses

Simple on/off contact lenses
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Contact lenses that, like certain IR 3d glasses, simply darken and lighten, in order to facilitate three-dimensional displays. This would be useful in an urban environment, and a simple, near-future step towards augmented reality. As a bonus, or as a selling point for Nvidia, or whomever, the lenses could double as polarized sunglasses....
cloudface, Sep 07 2009

Augmented Reality Rundown http://spectrum.iee...in-a-contact-lens/0
Brief description of (futuristic) variety of contact lens suggested here... [cloudface, Sep 07 2009]

Articles on EngadgetHD tagged Autostereoscopic http://www.engadget...g/AutoStereoscopic/
[anamba, Sep 08 2009]

Autostereoscopy on Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia...iki/Autostereoscopy
[anamba, Sep 08 2009]

An iPhone case http://www.engadget...available-to-order/
[anamba, Sep 08 2009]


       Actually in the near future (or the present, if you can afford it) you won't need special eyewear/headgear to use a 3-D display. See the links I just posted for further research.   

       That said, I would still like to have contact lenses that can turn into sunglasses on command. Just not for 3-D displays... the alternate polarization method used in movie theaters necessarily makes the picture half as bright, which is no good.
anamba, Sep 08 2009

       //This would be useful in an urban environment//
How so?
coprocephalous, Sep 08 2009

       This would make a cool Hollywood hacking premise: hack the sync-signal for the contact lenses so both go dark at the same time for subliminal durations allowing stuff to happen 'in plain sight' of someone.
loonquawl, Sep 08 2009


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