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3 team hockey

3 teams play against each other simultaneously
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The teams play on a triangle shaped ice rink with 200 ft long sides and three 60 degree angled corners.

In the center of the triangle is a Y-shaped red line adjoining the center of each side to the middle of the triangle, where appears the main face off circle. Each 'corner' has a blue line, one faceoff circle and a team's net and goaltender.

The teams play at the same time. Each side has a 5 man line-up of goaltender, 2 defencemen, and 2 wingers, either of which can sub as center on the fly.

To prevent two teams from ganging up on one, the game is played as follows: team A can only score on team B's net; team B can only score on team C's net; and team C can only score on team A's net.

Therefore, at any given time, each team is trying to score (and encountering defense) on one team, while resisting the offensive from another. I think this element would be very interesting to watch.

There are lots of problems to be worked out, such as necessary rule changes with a triangle shaped, oddly lined rink to properly accommodate two-line passes, offsides, icing, etc. With a Y shaped red line it's possible to cross the red line twice in the same shot. Should that be an infraction?

waugsqueke, Mar 25 2003

Illustration http://www.angelfir...mac/xmad/Rink-3.gif
Overview of the 3-way hockey rink [MaxMad, Oct 04 2004]

3 Player (ahem) Chess http://www.chessvar....dir/3manchess.html
Reminded me of this [Detly, May 25 2005]


       Add 3 extra pucks and a llama for some real action.
Worldgineer, Mar 25 2003

       Last time I checked Llama's ice standing abilities are pretty bad. Try a tiger instead. (+) Best idea I've heard in ages!
silverstormer, Apr 01 2003

       Very much like Chinese checkers. It could be applied to any game, resulting in a fascinating chaos. Ganging up should not be discouraged though, as this adds a bit of reality to it. I can picture an Olympic event with 50 countries fielding teams in one game. 49 on one side, and Iraq on the other...the fans breathlessly awaiting the outcome.
pluterday, Apr 01 2003

       No, definitely no ganging up. That was one of the problems I had to solve. You can't have a 5 against 10 game, that's pointless. A vs. B / B vs. C / C vs. A makes it reasonably even-strength, and much more interesting to watch. It certainly adds a whole new aspect to the strategy.   

       I hate games where one team is miles ahead of the other. Close games are better entertainment.
waugsqueke, Apr 01 2003

       Wow - viscious.   

       I can only imagine the joy on my face, had this been a school sport when I was there (would've been on an inside hockey pitch, but that would be cool too)...   

SpeedDemon, Dec 08 2003

       Concept would work well with other games. Soccer, basketball (using two basketballs?), maybe rugby.
booleanfool, Apr 24 2004

       Deja Vu - and I still think it's a great idea.
I remember a long debate about who plays who. There was also a long debate about number of pucks and culminated in someone coming up with a formula for number of pucks for n-goal hockey.
Anyway, I'll start that debate again...was that two pucks or three?
goff, Apr 26 2004

       Typical score: 0 - 0 - 0.
phundug, Apr 26 2004

       Only one puck in my version.
waugsqueke, Apr 26 2004

       Deja Vu=goff.
blissmiss, May 25 2005

       This would be particularly interesting with some of today's newly adopted rules. No two-line (three line?) passes means the ability to open up your game to a whole new level. Tons more open ice too with fewer players on the ice per team.   

kdmurray, Nov 17 2006

       Bun, because three-team sports are an inherently cool idea, and because you've solved the biggest problem with them: ganging up. In effect, you've combined ice hokey with jankenpon (paper, scissors, rock).   

       In fact, you've got me rethinking my three-team basketball idea. Yeah, I think I'll look that over, with this in mind.
Xenophile, Jun 05 2012

       I was about to start looking at [waugs]'s old ideas and Lo!, someone started recycling them.
UnaBubba, Jun 05 2012

       Could you swap around each period so that team B didn't beat team A simply because team C had a poor defence? So for example in the first period A attacks B, but in the second period A attacks C? Would that work?
Fishrat, Jun 05 2012

       If the teams score, rather than are scored against, then ganging up shouldn't be a problem anyway. That is, there is no advantage to team B in helping team A score.   

       Even if teams are scored against (that is the objective is to minimize the number of scores in your goal), a team can't win by teaming up, only force another team to lose.
MechE, Jun 05 2012

       Why stop at 3? Why not n? And why just hockey? Any 2 team game can be an N-team game with the correct polygon of N sides.
bungston, Jun 05 2012


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