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3/4-Pint Bar

Simply for oddness
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This is a bar. A regular bar, but for one thing. Everything is scaled down to 3/4 the regular size, including the costs.

Specially imported mini-bottles of beer, miniature mugs, even the roof is lower.

This may disorient any heavy drinkers and lead them to believe that they have grown a bit. Maybe boost their ego. But hey, some of us need that.

DesertFox, Dec 02 2004


       3/4 doesn't lead to especially odd sizes. I say make everything 4/3 sized. 21.3 or 26.6 ounce pints. And cut down those drunk bastards' ego a bit.
swamilad, Dec 02 2004

       You'd waltz in, have lunch, and waltz right back out again.
spiritualized, Dec 02 2004

       That's funny [spiritualized].
swamilad, Dec 02 2004

       Would it have a pint-sized jungle-gym out back too?
Letsbuildafort, Dec 02 2004

       Jungle gyms and beer, yay!
Machiavelli, Dec 02 2004

       3/4 in what respect? dimensions or volume? the drinks would presumably be 3/4 volume, but if you decreased the volume of the room to 3/4 probably no one would notice.
5th Earth, Dec 03 2004


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