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Bar of Four Seasons

Perhaps with Vivaldi playing in the background?
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I posted an idea already today, but this just came to me, and at the moment it seems like it's worth putting up.

A club or bar, probably pretty large in size, to accomodate for all of the scenery. The place would change in appearance throughout the night; for instance, if it opened up at six o'clock and closed at two in the morning, each two hours a different season would begin. All of the plants in the establishment would be robotic; in the 'spring', they would bud, sprout paper leaves, and begin to flower. In fall, their leaves would appear to change color, then dry up and finally drop off of the tree. Various background noises - bubbling brooks, birds arriving, etc., would be randomly played over the sound system. Most of the walls would be plain white, and a video projector on the opposite wall would change the image on it as the seasons progressed. Major holidays might also be programmed in; at various points, the easter bunny might hop by in spring, and at the very end of the night, Santa would appear, wish everyone a Merry Christmas, and then tell everybody that if they don't go home, they'll have to be escorted off of the grounds.

Pseudonym #3, Mar 17 2002


       feel for the poor soul who has to sweep all the flipping leaves up. croissant from a clients perspective though.
po, Mar 17 2002

       I was expecting a slab of pizza...
angel, Mar 19 2002


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