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3d modelled clothing for the perfect fit

Personalised 3d model of vitalstatistics matches ideal fit clothes
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Come in for your annual / seasonal naked 3d scan (using lidar or similar technology) and have your body shape recorded in 3d and stored safely encrypted on your flash-drive/ personal media.

Then use this 3d model in conjunction with all participating clothing suppliers / designers / retailers. The basic principle is simple, the possibilities are endless.

Basic principle- Software that renders the clothing (provided the clothing dimensions are captured/ supplied) onto the 3d model of your body for the purpose of evaluating the fit.


- Custom -designed clothing: submit your "body shape" to the designer, and they send you a bunch of images with you wearing their clothes, plus a price to supply the custom sized clothes. Order over the internet. - Smart shelves in retail stores: Enter the shop and submit your "body shape" to the in-store computer, as you approach the shelf, your temporary RFID tag is detected and LEDs light up above items that will fit you. Now it is up to you to decide if you like the item.

No more hunting through thousands of items that could look good, only to find that none fit you or they look stupid on you or are uncomfortable. You could even be told at the shop entrance how many items are potentially suitable.

In addition, subject to controls and privacy laws, stores and suppliers could improve their chances of matching their clientelle's needs by building up statistics on the clients' body shapes.

I just know some of the comments are going to come up with some interesting issues of getting your virtual-3d body out there on the internet somewhere...

jamobaker, Aug 20 2010

auto tailor Auto_20tailor
[po, Aug 20 2010]

low-tech version made from duct tape http://www.threadsm...a-fitting-assistant
[xandram, Aug 24 2010]

Intellifit http://www.shoppingblog.com/blog/321052
Bits of this exist. I expect if the scanning machines were cheaper, your idea might have been realised by now. [wagster, Aug 27 2010]


       [+] welcome to the hb.   

       most of the idea is a staple in sci-fi stories, but I like the "today" application of rfid/led lights.
FlyingToaster, Aug 20 2010

       I like the idea of getting custom clothes, and most of the method. This could easily be made to happen--I have run scanners and software and cutters that could do most of it, already.   

       But I think that most clothing makers are running material about 30 layers thick through their CNC cutters. They might charge more than you think to run one layer, for just one outfit.   

       But a lot of thought went into this.   

       Welcome [jamobaker] to the HB. [+]
baconbrain, Aug 20 2010

       Excellent, [jamo]! It is my pleasure to reward you with a steaming fresh bun [+].
Grogster, Aug 20 2010

       We prefer to have our sythhetic integument permanently integrated into our stucture, but welcome to the HB anyway.
8th of 7, Aug 20 2010

       Could also be used for:   

       Shoes Bikes Furniture Coffins Etc...
saedi, Aug 23 2010

       Oh dear.... knew it was too good to be original. And Auto Tailor is a better name too. What's the protocol here? Go and shred myself? Vote for the original? What if I've already eaten the buns?
jamobaker, Aug 24 2010

       //What if I've already eaten the buns?// [marked for tagline]   

       leave it (for now) to see if someone sees a subtle difference ...
po, Aug 24 2010

       in the "half full" spirit I just read the part where you walk into a store and an LED by the stuff that will fit you (and extemporizing, what they have in stock in your size) lights up.
FlyingToaster, Aug 24 2010

       good idea but baked. They used 3d scanners when working on a vacuum compression suit for astronauts, and other types of compression suits (like for swimmers) that need to be incredibly tight at all points on the body.   

       I don't think the idea has been commercialized but its been done.
metarinka, Aug 27 2010

       //building up statistics on the clients' body shapes//   

       I'm certain there are already statistics out there that claim size 12-14 is the most common among adult females, and yet stores insist on stocking more 8s and 10s than anything.   

       The idea deserves a bun anyway.
Tulaine, Aug 27 2010

       I know people in Monterey, California that have been doing this for many years.   


       There's a link to their DigiSize system for apparel. They produced hardware and software for the USA Defense Department when they resized uniforms and needed to survey hundreds of service members' shapes. They also provide medical application such as fitting prosthetics and documenting before and after comestic surgery. Their scan of Michaelanglo's David sculpture was once one of the largest databases at the time.
DavidinKenai, Sep 04 2010


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