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4-Dimensional HVAC System

To adapt to older home layouts...
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Over the passage of time, HVAC systems have come and gone, leaving in their wake homes with pieces and components of yesterday's systems in their walls and basements which require non-standard fittings no longer available. Reaching to these takeout points with new ductwork can turn formerly useful basement spaces into hazardous head-mazes for anyone approaching the 2-meter mark.

If these ducts could be projected into the fourth dimension, I could regain some serious living and storage space. Then again, with time-dimensional capability, I could pipe in some summer heat during the winter months and vice-versa for a nice efficiency savings.

RayfordSteele, Sep 19 2011


       Isn't the 4th dimension occupied by something already? I would shoot for at least the 11th. Coincidentally, the dimension that would be best manipulared for warping space-time in a manner to bring warm air from the Bahamas or cool air from Alaska directly into your home without having to pay th eridiculous FedEx overnight fees on air.
DIYMatt, Sep 20 2011

       The problem with squeezing things into orthagonally arranged dimensions is that it mullers them in the process. Geometrically, undoing a 'push' in dimensions > 3 isn't necessarily performed by doing a 'pull' - that may have something to do with the way the "arrow of time" only points one way. Quaternions supports this theory, octonions exponentially so.
zen_tom, Sep 20 2011

       If you want it to return to its original shape, you could use springonions.
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 20 2011

       MFD - you'll never get the thermostat to work...
Ling, Sep 20 2011

       Coincidently, our manufacturing plant for extra-dimensional ductwork has just gone online and we would be pleased to provide for all of your needs. We have several standard modules or can create custom ductwork for a small extra fee.   

       Several customers were confused by the appearance of the ductwork when viewing only the 3D portions of the duct assembly. The duct looks like two dead-end sections of ductwork with a gap between them. One might expect that they could reach in one end of the duct and have their hand come out the other end, however most people do not have arms that are flexible enough that they can follow the duct as it bends in the 4th dimension.   

       Warning: It is important not to bend the unit. If flexed, damage may occur to the 4th dimensional portions of the duct with no apparent damage to the visible components. Shipping insurance is highly recommended.   

       Note: must be used with air that is flexible in the 4th dimension. During our trial period we found that many* buildings, presumably to save cost, are filled with air that is rigid in the fourth dimension and will therefore not flow through these ducts efficiently**.   

       * In our test, this was true in all cases, but with our limited sample size we did not feel justified in making broad generalizations.   

       ** 0.0039% to 0.0153% efficiency was measured during trials. These efficiency numbers are only accurate to +/- 5.3% due to the precision of measurement equipment, so we cannot conclude that in all cases there was no air flowing through the ductwork.   

       In our laboratory tests, performed at high vacuum to avoid confounding factors, airflow efficiency was measured at just a few molecules shy of 100%.
scad mientist, Sep 20 2011

       These would be much better than those three dimensional ducts; they seem to last no time at all.
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 20 2011

       *Improper installation may result in the air continuously flowing both inside and outside of the ductwork. Consult the 1-sided manual for help in orientation.
RayfordSteele, Sep 21 2011


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