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Advanced Fridge Light Controls

Less likely to cry and spill milk (in that order).
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So you're up. You can't help it. The clock says some single digit for the hour, which you know is bad, because that means tomorrow morning isn't even technically 'tomorrow' anymore, and you've got to go to work. After tossing and turning, you feel that some milk will help you get to sleep.

With your eyes adjusted to the dim light, the peaceful wandering through your quarters to get towards the fridge is almost relaxing in itself. Then you open the door and BAM! The SUN ITSELF IS STARING YOU DOWN! Forget the fact you spilled the milk, cry because your god damn blind!

If your retained any vision at all, the fact your pupils are now pinholes leaves you incapable of pouring whatever beverage you just grabbed into a glass, much less dealing with the glass when you're done.

But no more! Advanced Refridgerator light control is a simple dimly glowing knob on the handle of the fridge. Roll it dimer to make the light inside dimmer, roll it brighter to make the light inside brighter. On the door to the freezer is a similar knob, but this lights up the whole fridge (actually just small lights atteched to the exterior) with a warm, but still soft, glow, that will make pouring a drink easy without deadening your eyes for the return journey to bed, that will go on after the door to the fridge is shut and will go off 30 seconds thereafter, or if you have adequite ambient light in the nighttime, the knob (when rolled all the way down) clicks into the 'off' position. The glow is not bright enough to be noticed in the daytime.

Cheekio, Jul 16 2004

whirlpool sponsored idea like this but needlessly complex http://www.wmich.ed...er/sdp_34th-03.html
scroll down a bit... [xclamp, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Dimmer http://www.halfbakery.com/idea/Dimmer
Fridge light dimmer switch... [half, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 17 2004]


       this is beyond sublime. i see nobel peace prize here. if only there were more croissants to give. i can't believe this hasn't been done, but (+) to you. see (link).
xclamp, Jul 16 2004

       [Cheekio] I bet this is one of those ideas that will quickly make its way from the HB to some design shop and into a product. Let's see the annos and links in six month's time... bun bun bun.   

       I think a small thumbroll dimmer in the handle would be cool and easy.
ConsulFlaminicus, Jul 16 2004

       That's the ticket, ConsulFlamincus. I couldn't think of the name, but I was inspired by the roll controls for the seat warmers in my car. The closest I could think of was 'like the volume on your discman but wider', and then gave up.
Cheekio, Jul 16 2004

       Automate with a proportional light sensor on the outside.
Ling, Jul 16 2004

       I think a time switch is a good idea, but your idea was great~!
hangman, Jul 16 2004

       Well spotted, xclamp.
It reminds me of a wonderful poster I saw once.
It had various drawings of swings, and one drawing had jet propulsion, a brace to the ground to stop any movement, a girder across the lap, fire extinguisher etc.
Underneath it said:" As the engineer designed it".

<muttering to self>: must find a link.
Ling, Jul 16 2004

       The idea didn't fare as well the first time it was around. I guess it's written a bit better this time. (link)
half, Jul 16 2004

       What [Ling] said.
What [half] said.
phoenix, Jul 16 2004


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