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Stonerhead reality show
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Kind of like the circle they have on That 70s Show. Except for its real people. Not showing them actually smoking dro. I think it would be a good comedy reality series. They could stard off by filming me and my friends.
xxAmberxx, Aug 18 2003

Origin of 420 http://parentingtee...eekly/aa032102a.htm
for bris [Worldgineer, Oct 17 2004]

Heavy TV http://www.channel4...nts/0703_heavy.html
Viewer opinions: "A bunch of screaming vacuous morons and their foul mouths" and " Aaaaaaaaaaaaaargh I hate this programme more than I have ever hated a programme ever." [calum, Oct 17 2004]


bristolz, Aug 18 2003

       For those missing reference: That 70s Show is a US sitcom about teenagers in the 70s. There is often a scene of four kids sitting around a table smoking pot (pot not shown, but smokey room) with the camera mounted in the center, spinning around and focusing on each one, one at a time as they talk.   

       This show sucks. Where's that remote? <button>-</button>
Worldgineer, Aug 18 2003

       getting baked before posting not advised. may sound good now, but if you ever come back to our reality, you will quickly delete this idea.
oxen crossing, Aug 18 2003

       Oh, I know what 420 is a reference to but I can't understand what the show would be about. [Worldgineer]'s description of the show used as a reference helps somewhat, though.   

       << Also, general question: does anyone know why 420 is used to mean marijuana? This came up in a discussion last week and no one could tell me. Funny that it should come up again so soon after. >>
bristolz, Aug 18 2003

       "Stonerhead" and "reality" in the same sentence?
angel, Aug 18 2003

       420 is supposed to be some police code for pot smoking, but I think that's a myth.
snarfyguy, Aug 18 2003

       Please see link.
Worldgineer, Aug 18 2003

       //does anyone know why 420 is used to mean marijuana?//   

       It’s an unofficial citizen’s band radio ’10 code’, like “10-4 good buddy”. - Drug traffickers use 10-420. It loosely translates to “really potent shit coming”.
Shz, Aug 18 2003

       No, it's not or, at least, that's not its origination. See [Worldgineer]'s link for the definitive answer. Thanks [World]!
bristolz, Aug 18 2003

       Correct, it’s not the origin, I thought people might find the CB usage interesting.
Shz, Aug 18 2003

       Am I the only one here who's not stoned? This discussion doesn't make any sense.
snarfyguy, Aug 18 2003

       I don't think stoners would watch this at all. Unless the televised stoners were beautiful naked people and they weren't getting high and they were doing something like playing pool or building a model boat from matchsticks.   

       But to make this programme germ into a workable reality show you'd need to give the home viewer the illusion of control - no-one will watch people sitting in a room talking bollocks but they'll happily watch people sitting in a room talking bollocks if they, the viewer, are tricked into believing that they have some small godlike power over the fates of these tedious individuals. So, you'll need to be able to punish and reward them, probably by the usual "who do you hate?" viewer-vote system. Punish them by selecting who skins up next, who goes on the munchies run, who deals with the pizza delivery man etc. Don't bother rewarding them, as happy stoners just prattle on and on endlessly about how totally excellent this chocolate milk is, man, it's like, so hitting the spot, for example. Which makes for even crapper telly.
my face your, Aug 18 2003

       Leviticus 4:20 And he shall do with the bullock as he did with the bullock for a sin offering, so shall he do with this: and the priest shall make an atonement for them, and it shall be forgiven them.   

       Joshua 4:20 And those twelve stone(r)s, which they took out of (the) Jordan, did Joshua [set up] in Gilgal.
thumbwax, Aug 18 2003

       Other origins of 420... Pagaen new year April 20th. Good day to celebrate the weed. What time is it? 4:20 good a time as any to smoke up.
mooka, Aug 22 2003

       [Worldgineer] I believe what you posted entirely as to the meaning of 420. I have often wonder how that came about. One of those guys could probably get semi-wealthy publishing a book describing such. Too bad I couldn't be the ghost in ghost writer.
Zimmy, Aug 23 2003

       I can believe that this idea would have a negative overall majority vote, but I find it hard to believe that the idea hadn't a single + (until now)...   

       Apart from the obvious drugs=bad viewpoint, and the arguably poor (even puerile) way the idea has been stated, there are some interesting possibilities here; isn't that at least interesting to discuss as a theoretic?   

       Personal History bit: I went through my second year of university in a house where nearly everybody smoked a lot of pot. I was pretty much the only exception - I didn't touch any of it all year, mainly because I didn't want to experiment in an environment where I felt I hadn't got total control. Nonetheless, I never had any problems with my housemates because of their habits. One of the very regular visitors was even funding his way through school by supplying the student population.   

       It wasn't my thing, but it did make for some very interesting late night discussions, and the fact that I was on the 'outside' as it were, viewing in, only made it more interesting.   

       Granted, it was probably interesting because these people were my friends and contemporaries - I wouldn't blame anyone for not wanting to tune in to listen to a handful of students talk about Wittgensteing and the philosophy of comunication, but if you selected the right panel, maybe threw in a few hosts at varying degrees of intoxification...   

       At the very least, it might make interesting, if not good TV.
yamahito, Sep 24 2003

       There is/was a UK Channel 4 programme called "Heavy TV" (see link) where a bunch of feckless, opinionated London meedja wankers shout ingorantly at each other for what seems like weeks. That's it. I have no idea where the programme makers dug up such wretched arseholes as the "panelists" but the criteria for appearing on the must have been
a. You must be willing to shout what you 'fink' for a very long time, irrespective of whether you understand the words falling from your fat-tongued mouth.
b. You must have the outward appearance of a rich, bored drug abuser who has nothing better to do than slavishly ape the fashions of your peers.
c. You must have all the mannerisms of a pig-eyed cokefiend, all sweating and jabbing of fingers and long run on sentences and self-righteous bile.

       In sum: watching/listening to people who just seem to be on drugs is bad enough. Watching/listening to people who actually *are* on drugs would be so very very much worse.
calum, Sep 24 2003

       To tell the truth, I am honestly amazed by how many people have not only never tried pot here, but seem to have completely based their negative opinion of it on a conspicuous absence of experience.
Overpanic, Sep 24 2003

       I think this would be a great show...it be like looking into a mirror....except there is more than one person in the reflection, none of them look like me and their movement is entirely independant of my own. [Overpanic] I tottaly agree with you, it's always the people who have never had any contact with drugs that feel so negative towards it. Pot is one of the safest illegal drugs around (i'll just wait for the verbal barrage i'll no doubt get from that comment) More people die from alcohol than they do from Pot and i don't think there are mamy people out there who have actually died from smoking pot. I wouldn't say none but i can't imagine it being too high...get it, high. I'll give this idea a croissant because it deserves it and i got the munchies
Mind_Boggle, Sep 25 2003

       Actualy a recent 2001 book along with other numerous books and articals that say there are 421 chemical and 61 are active cannabnoids. And really it's cool if Cali uses the 420 but no other sate does and cali wasn't the first people to smoke weed.
420girlcandyflip, Jul 03 2004


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