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The Weather Channel

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A television channel showing weather and other natural phenomena. A typical day's schedule might be:
7-10am: rustling leaves, wind blowing through trees; birdsong
10am-1pm: Waves crashing on the beach
1-4pm: Light rain
4-7pm: Heavy rain; violent thunderstorms
7-10pm: Howling blizzard

The audio channel would be high quality so you can just play the audio through your house. All the content would be live, from a worldwide network of cameras and microphones.
hippo, Feb 06 2013

Nasa has atmospheric sounds and visions http://disc.sci.gsfc.nasa.gov/AIRS
[xandram, Feb 06 2013]


       In this digital age - I don't want just one weather channel, I want to be able to mindlessly flick through hundreds of channels each devoted to one particular type of weather - that way (between the adverts) I can enjoy the experiences of the "Sunny Day" channel, or at the push of a button switch to "Brisk Northwesterly With Intermittent Showers."
zen_tom, Feb 06 2013

       Yes, choice is probably a good idea. One thing which was in my mind while writing this was the entrance to the Maritime Museum in Greenwich where, to to underline the maritime-ness of the place, as you approach the museum, hidden loudspeakers play the sound of waves crashing on a beach, live, from an actual beach somewhere.
hippo, Feb 06 2013

       Nice. [+]
Grogster, Feb 06 2013

       Open your window and look out?
sqeaketh the wheel, Feb 06 2013

       But it's between 4pm and 7pm and it's not raining outside.
hippo, Feb 06 2013


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