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The Window Channel

Channel 901 is a new 60" window in your living room
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Put a camera on the outside of the wall exactly where your big screen tv is mounted on the inside of the wall. Turn to the channel hooked up to that camera when you just want a window.
doctorremulac3, Feb 06 2013


       If you live in a terraced house, your neighbours might get a little annoyed with the implementation of this idea
hippo, Feb 06 2013

       Bun, on the basis [hippo]'s anno makes it an idea of evil genius.
UnaBubba, Feb 06 2013

       The window cam could be a webcam also. Window views from all over the world could slideshow across your TV screen. [+]
Sunstone, Feb 07 2013

       If the camera could move, one could point it skywards at night to view constellations without getting your coat on!
xandram, Feb 07 2013


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