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TV Third Person Dispay

TV that reminds you that you're on the couch.
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Imagine a small camera attachment for your TV that periodically takes a snapshot of you on your couch and shows it on the screen. The image of your sloth would flash very quickly on top of your regular programming without disturbing the audio. Usually it would flash the image just long enough for you to think you noticed, but once in a while it might show the image for a second or two. This [subliminal] constant reminder might help you get on your computer instead, or just return your Third Person Display Unit.
IcarusByNight, Nov 18 2005


       Or I could put a mirror near the TV so I would constantly see myself. Either way, I'm not sure I would purchase something that constantly reminded me of my sloth...because then I would have to acknowledge that I officially completed the '7 deadly sins' list.
sleeka, Nov 18 2005

       Generic deity this cracked me up! [+]
Zuzu, Nov 19 2005

       [sp. Display]
DrCurry, Nov 19 2005

       the point of course being that it would be a product for sale. holiday season is here.
IcarusByNight, Nov 19 2005


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