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4 in 1 aerosol sprays

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an aerosol can divided into sections with a button for each on the top.

choose a different scent of deodorant each day – sniff!

different bugkillers for different plants in the garden – zap!

paint your car / wall in several colours – psssht!

really handy for graffiti artists hanging upside down from a bridge over the railway line…

po, Dec 11 2006


       Nice idea, I do have an air freshener that is plugged into an outlet in the hall way, it has two different scents but not ones that I can choose at times I want. Bun for you.
Chefboyrbored, Dec 11 2006

       I'm glad someone's looking out for the graffiti artists. +
imaginality, Dec 11 2006

       Excellent! No need for a huge can of bug spray I'll only use once.
phundug, Dec 12 2006

       It's official, you're a genius po.
With four colors in one spray paint can, the graffiti artists would be snatching them up faster than the shelves could be stocked.

       that's 5, BB.
po, Dec 15 2006

       I think I would end up spraying myself in the eye!
MoreCowbell, Dec 15 2006

       po, good idea but i always knew you were a vandal.
Stork, Dec 16 2006

       I've developed a prototype, with the help of 4 cans of spray and an elastic band - There's still a flaw though - I'm not sure what colour the elastic band should be.
Dub, Dec 17 2006

       use 4 bands, dub. meet you under the bridge at Balham Station.
po, Dec 17 2006

       //really handy for graffiti artists hanging upside down from a bridge over the railway line…//   

       Geez, [po], everyone knows that spraying your can upside down is how you clear the nozzle. This wouldn't be good for these artists at all.
jurist, Dec 17 2006

       the problem with graffiti artists hanging upside down is not their nozzles but grappling with half a dozen spray cans of different colours. they must take some kind of pack for all their equipment - rags and dissolvents for the spelling mistakes and artistic errors etc. I imagine its not easy to get your tags right everytime.
po, Dec 17 2006

       Don't get me wrong. I could embrace (even applaud) upside-down spray can taggers. I might consider them a bit like like rightside-up mime artists. Both could be enjoyable showmen going through their signatory motions without any permanent effect. Heh.
jurist, Dec 17 2006

       [po]You'll know me by the green and yellow streaks in my hair
Dub, Dec 17 2006


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