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artist's glove palette

for painting small detailed single colour areas
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This is a fingerless glove (to fit on your left hand if you are right handed) that has attached to it via a slide in clip system a small pot about an inch high. Pour into it a small amount of acrylic paint or other viscous colour and u can then paint with a fine brush dipping every now and again. This will alleviate either holding a palette for an extended period of time or having to sit the pot down somewhere - which is annoying if you have to move to a different painting area.

The pot would sit on the flat area just above your thumb knuckle, and if you had finished using red for the time being, you put the lid on it and clip in your next colour. This wouldn't work too well with paint of low viscosity as it would pour out onto your arm if you scratched your nose, but would be perfect for small detailed areas of acrylic - especially thin black outlines.

benfrost, Jan 03 2005




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