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Circular Paint Sprayer

Reduces paint overspray and wastage.
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I was watching some guys paint some open metal mesh using a pneumatic sprayer and we discussed how much paint was inevitably wasted - over 80% we reckoned.

The Circular Paint Sprayer (CPS) minimizes paint over-spray and loss by having the over-spray sucked back through the system for re-use. The CPS has a two-pronged handheld component which emits the paint through a curved hood towards a larger, funnel shaped opening on the other prong. This second opening is Teflon coated and pneumatically sucks the paint back into the system.

By getting the paint droplets back into the system quickly and mixed with new paint they avoid drying and are good for a few more cycles until finally contacting the solid surface to be painted. Simply hold the CPS up to the mesh and avoid the mess.

AusCan531, May 13 2015


       I'm all for less wastage, especially when it's toxic to the environment. +
blissmiss, May 13 2015

       It's what electrostatic spraying was made for.
MaxwellBuchanan, May 13 2015

       Electrostatic spraying also allows you to sit in a chair, waving the sprayer in the general direction of the object with one hand, while focusing on pie eating with the other. The ideal work setting.
bs0u0155, May 13 2015

       You know that feeling, when you see the ant with the hard to carry thing, and it's struggling and tumbling and barely getting anywhere and you feel pity and schadenfreude because it just seems so ridiculous, and then you realize that that ant has more drive and direction than you will ever have, and more clarity of purpose than you can even imagine. Ignore the fact that the prize is a worthless sugar soaked piece of plastic, panted fence or whatever, and just revel in the fortitude of the project itself.
WcW, May 13 2015

       The object being sprayed was a safety rail on the top of a truck and the guys spraying are my employees who had ably sprayed all the handrails, steps, etc safety yellow without much issue but then had the steel mesh panels to contend with. As I'm the guy buying the paint but didn't want to purchase/hire an electrostatic spray unit I thought a pneumatic adapter would do the trick as we already had compressed air in use.   

       I do agree on the 'magic wonderfulness' of electrostatic sprayers.
AusCan531, May 14 2015


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