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Fatboy, middly, svelte.
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This paint brush has a 2" section, a 1" section and a œ" section each of which can retract into the handle by using a slider on the handle. The three sliders lock into position at each end of their travel. When all sections are fully extended you have a 3œ" brush for coarse work, but retract the 2" section and you have a 1œ" brush for the more delicate jobs - window frames and the like. Finally, retract the 1" section and you have a œ" brush for the fiddly bits - cutting into corners and such.

Usually one would use three brushes, but in situations such as working up a ladder it is nice to have only the one brush that you can do all jobs with one hand while holding on with the other.

It will also do less useful combinations: retract the œ" section for a 3" brush, or retract the 1" section for... something or other.

wagster, Aug 13 2007


       Does it squeeze the excess paint into a little reservoir in the handle each time you retract one of the brushes? If it does that you can fresh cream as well as jam on this croissant.
xenzag, Aug 13 2007

k_sra, Aug 13 2007

       I thought this would be about toothbrushes (and it might be marketable there, too)
phundug, Aug 13 2007

       First, I'm on the siding... 3 and 1/2". Then I'm cutting trim, 1". Then I am standing around for 2 hours. Then I'm on the fascia...2". Nice +.
leinypoo13, Aug 13 2007

       + I'd use it.
xandram, Aug 13 2007

       [+] for the idea. I think it would be difficult to avoid the mechanism getting gunked up, though.   

       Professional decorators seem to use a big brush for almost everything - you can still do detail work - you just use one corner of the brush.
MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 13 2007

po, Aug 13 2007

       Have a place for bees and jam to come out as well. Big +.
globaltourniquet, Aug 13 2007

       Hold a 3" brush flat and it paints a 3" swath. Hold it a 60 degrees and it paints a 1-1/2" swath. Hold it at 90 degress and it paints a 1/2" swath. [-]
nuclear hobo, Aug 13 2007

       Ill have a prototype on your desk tomorrow
evilpenguin, Aug 14 2007

       Diff'rent Strokes.   

       "what you paintin Willis?"
skinflaps, Aug 14 2007


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