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7 Toothpicks

for better behind-teeth cleaning
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A toothpick shaped like a “7”, two pieces of wood strongly glued in a mortise and tenon joint, would be a superior dental hygiene tool when floss is unavailable. The long end could clean from the front and the short end could easily and unobtrusively reach back behind the teeth.
FarmerJohn, Dec 09 2004

(??) wood joints http://www.chase-pi...oint/woodjoints.htm
[FarmerJohn, Dec 09 2004]

Perio-Aid toothpick holder thingy http://www.perio-aid.net/page2.html
Designed much as you describe (one end is angled to form a numeral "7" shape to get to the backsides of teeth. [bristolz, Dec 09 2004]


       They would be as benign as hatpins.
FarmerJohn, Dec 09 2004

       With a little practice you could spit one out just right and have it boomerang back.   

       (+) for the link. Love the wood joints.
energy guy, Dec 09 2004

       Oh yeah - I llike the idea too. Though its kind of baked - the interdental cleaners do this.
energy guy, Dec 09 2004

       I like it. +
nomadic_wonderer, Dec 09 2004

       Hat pins aren't as benign as one would think. I killed someone with a hat pin in 'Nam.   

       I'd buy these toothpicks in bulk and have them in my purses, car, kitchen, bathroom, pockets, office, you get the point.
Machiavelli, Dec 09 2004

       I sure can't find a link, but there are plastic toothpicks with an end angled at about 30 degrees if I remember correctly. They are made with a square shank that wedges down to a very thin edge on the end.
half, Dec 10 2004

       ! [half] Those plastic toothpicks rock. I received some samples and was favored to use them until someone removed the box and last vestige I had of the producer of that product.
reensure, Dec 10 2004


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