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Car Toothpaste

Clean your teeth using your car
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The idea is that when you car is at the end of its useful life it gets taken to a crusher, where it is mulched and forced under pressure to exit through a narrow nozzle as toothpaste. Naturally it will need additional treatment with various emulsifiers and medical compounds - but these are boring details. You, the proud owner, will position yourself with toothbrush in hand poised to clean your teeth using your car, as the multi-coloured paste emerges.
xenzag, Sep 30 2005


       I can't think what is wrong with this idea, so I have no choice but to bun until someone else points out the obvious.
dbmag9, Sep 30 2005

       i have no teeth. i lost them in a car accident. -
schmendrick, Sep 30 2005

       How much tootpaste do you get from say, a station-wagon?
zen_tom, Sep 30 2005

       This is . . . I don't think I can vote on this. If my brain were a computer, it would be frozen and need to be restarted.
phundug, Sep 30 2005

       This kind of bollocks is exactly the type of bollocks that the bollocks MFD was bollocking thought of for. Bollocks!
I think a [MFD] Bad Science or for that matter No Science is called for though.
hidden truths, Sep 30 2005

       It is bollocks, but I have to confess to quite liking this idea if for nothing else the image of squeezing a big hulk of metal and getting *just* enough goo out of the other end to brush your teeth with.
zen_tom, Oct 01 2005

       "Albert Einstein Quote : If the idea doesn't seem absurd at first, there is no hope of it".
vedarshi, Oct 01 2005

       The science of my idea is perfect and very reasonable - in fact I have already been approached by Colgate to develop a "white van with red mini stripes" range. You need to put the kettle on Hidden Truths and I have the very one for you.
xenzag, Oct 03 2005

       I am giving you a BUN against my better judgement because this is one of those ideas, like getting William Hung to sing in American Idol.
mailtosalonga, Oct 03 2005


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