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8 hour test for Marijuana

A test to determine if you have smoked in the last 8 hours.
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This will allow for accurate tests to determine worker liability if injured on the job, poor performance, etc. It will also allow for an environment within which to legalize marijuana responsibly.
daseva, Jun 21 2012

115000 joints http://abcnews.go.c...ed/story?id=9159281
[xandram, Jun 21 2012]


       I deleted my last idea about legalisation of drugs, because it turned into a massive, free-for-all shitfight. Just saying...
UnaBubba, Jun 21 2012

       How does this test work? Where is the guts of the idea?   

Klaatu, Jun 21 2012

       Punch biopsy of the fatty tissues inside the head, perhaps?
UnaBubba, Jun 21 2012

       [Klattu], that is a fair bone to throw. I myself am at odds over such a test, currently, though I suspect brain states can be analysed for patterns resulting from such a buzz. MRI is too expensive, but perhaps in the future...   

       Also, direct THC measurement in the blood. Traditional tests measure metabolites. If we can get a test sensitive enough to detect the actual molecule then it will perform the intended task.
daseva, Jun 21 2012

       And it's fat soluble, so it persists in fatty tissue, such as brain matter, for months.
UnaBubba, Jun 21 2012

       I would have bunned it if it meant to see if one could smoke for 8 hours!
xandram, Jun 21 2012

       As I, too, have mentioned that there are blood tests that can determine to within an hour the time between consumption of marijuana and the drawing of the test sample, but the test must be performed by a lab. As written, this idea does not differ from that, so I must call it baked.   

       If the idea is for an 'instant' test, such as a breathalyzer for alcohol, it is definitely much-needed technology, but no technical details are outlined here, nor is the nature of the test clearly defined to begin with.   

       Brain scans have not shown to be a conclusive technique, presumably because cannabinoids effect different people in different ways, and different strains of cannabis contain widely varying ratios of the six psycho-active cannabinoids, which all have different properties and effects. Furthermore, there are GABA and pre-GABA inhibitors such as Lyrica and Neurontin which, while producing very different effects on the nervous system, function in remarkably similar ways and might ([Alterother] theory) look similar on a brain scan.
Alterother, Jun 21 2012

       Usually, if someone has smoked in the past 8 hours and hasn't bathed, the nose does a pretty good job.
RayfordSteele, Jun 21 2012

       I think this the type of halfbakery idea that implies it's something we should not do, and people agree, but vote against it.
rcarty, Jun 21 2012

       //I think this the type of halfbakery idea that implies it's something we should not do, and people agree, but vote against it.//   

       I think it's the type of idea [marked-for-deletion] variously as WIBNI, advocacy, consumer advice, let's all..., we should research... or magic, depending on inclination and exact conditions. The underlying theme is that there is no suggestion as to how it could be done.
Loris, Jun 26 2012


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