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90 degree basket

Shopping handbasket that is wider in the Y-Z plane
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I am astounded that there is even a reasonably close category for this idea. TDTOE!
Consider the handheld shopping basket. Not the "trolley" that is listed in the category, but the basket you grab for when you want only a few things.
I don't know how you people are built, but the most comfortable and neutral way for me to hold my hands is palms towards my thighs (or knees for ape-like people). Why do supermarket baskets force the users hands into a "pull-up" or "chin-up" hand position?
since the baskets are rectangular from a top-down view, one must decide: holding the basket "palms-in", but with the center far away from your body, or "chin/pull-up" grip with the center closer. I find i do the latter, often switching between chinup and pull up due to fatigue.
I propose a basket that has the handles running along the longer direction of the rectangle, allowing for palms-in grip and the closer center.
Also, the handles will have a clasping mechanism at the top to minimize teetering of the basket when you have milk on one side and "crisps" on the other. If the handles can't pass by eachother, the basket will be more rigid and only tilt, instead of all the weight resting on one handle and causing an outpour of goods.
ericscottf, Feb 15 2008

Patent Idea http://www.freepate...ne.com/6039205.html
[nomocrow, Feb 15 2008]


       hmmm --- try using the crook of your arm...
madness, Feb 15 2008

       There's a little grocery store here that has molded plastic kidney-shaped baskets with the handle parallel to your stride. They're really confortable.
nomocrow, Feb 15 2008

       The baskets in some Spanish supermarkets are like this. There's a single longitudinal handle which, when the basket is hanging from it, locks in a vertical position.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 15 2008

       Outstanding Idea. If I could give it ten buns I would. This is one of those times I am saying to myself, "Why the hell didn't I think of that?".
Blisterbob, Feb 15 2008

       Talking of Spanish supermarkets, I've been in some that have baskets that have nifty convertible handles that enable the basket to either be carried or pulled along.
jtp, Feb 15 2008

       Madness: Crook of arm sounds more uncomfortable than pull/chinup grip. i have skinny bony arms.

Can anyone tell me why "best" category only sometimes appears in the upper left under the icon?
ericscottf, Feb 15 2008

       //Talking of Spanish supermarkets, I've been in some that have baskets that have nifty convertible handles that enable the basket to either be carried or pulled along.//
John Lewis stores have these.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Feb 15 2008

       //Why do supermarket baskets force the users hands into a "pull-up" or "chin-up" hand position?//

Because most (?) supermarket shoppers are female. The female elbow is arranged in such a way that the palms more naturally face forwards when walking. This is so that the lower arm will clear the female's typically wider pelvis.
angel, Feb 17 2008

       [angel] you're kidding, right ?
I (male) don't have much problem with using the baskets, palms facing backwards, but palms facing forwards would rip my tendons out. That being said, I'd prefer the handles front to back, too. They probably make them like that because the cheap plastic would break if the handle was longitudinal.
FlyingToaster, Feb 18 2008

       Why not a square basket? If we want to keep everyone happy this seems like an obvious solution. Pick it up and hold it however you want.
WcW, Feb 18 2008

       oh you still don't like it, Una, well then place the handles on the diagonal (parallel in the middle where you hold it) and you have a side swapable open acess container that can be used by lefties and righties, men and women. It well might unite the world.
WcW, Feb 18 2008

       ...wow... so simple, yet so effective [+]
xxobot, Feb 18 2008

       How about a basket that hangs from a shoulder harness.
rascalraidex, Feb 18 2008

       I just have Jeeves carry the basket. I don't care whether it tires him or not. [+]
Noexit, Feb 18 2008

       Shoulder harness: eew. Also, cloth? sounds like it won't last long.


       A diagonal bar wouldn't fold down properly, then the baskets couldn't be stacked in a pile (this is important!)
I've since rethought the idea and would like to add the "kidney bean" shape - wherein the top-down view of the basket is kidneybean shaped, there is one handle that fits the "outer" profile side, and folds down to that one.
ericscottf, Feb 19 2008


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