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Shopping Trolleys shaped like ships
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Supermarket trolleys are always bumping into things i.e. other trolleys, people's backs, isles of products.

My solution to this minor irritation in life is to redesign them in such a way as to have the same tapering contours as that of the bow fronts of ships. They could then glide past each other, or gently nose through narrow gaps between people, their wedged profiles gradually creating sufficient space, without resulting turbulence.

The nautical theme could be extended by laying out the store in the form of famous shipping lanes, for navigational purposes.

Individual trolleys could be styled after different types of vessels, with the more speedy, streamlined ones used for a quick visit, and the heavy, bulk carriers deployed for the big family on a large weekly shop.

xenzag, Oct 06 2006

Arrrr. Supermarket_20Pirates
[moomintroll, Oct 06 2006]


       And if you're caught short in the aisle, you can always take advantage of the poop deck.
zen_tom, Oct 06 2006

       what if you bump into a persons ass??
sridhar236, Oct 06 2006

       //persons ass//   

       ... you mean their stern?
I was wondering just what would constitute the trolley version of an icebreaker. Guess that's it.
moomintroll, Oct 06 2006

       //what if you bump into a persons ass// mules, asses and other forms of transport are kept tethered outside.
xenzag, Oct 06 2006

       I want mine to have a "Figurehead like a whore in bed with a monster of a ..."
Galbinus_Caeli, Oct 06 2006

       //mules, asses and other forms of transport are kept tethered outside.//   

       I believe the question refers to a US spelling. For Brits who don't know, "ass" means "arse."   

       Most supermarkets no longer have hitching posts for tying animal transports, will these be reintroduced?   

       Will these ship shaped shopping cards come with a spreader, and a set of signal flags in compliance with Navigational acts to prevent collisions at shopping?
ye_river_xiv, Oct 06 2006


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