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For the items you want on the top shelf.
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Theres an item you want on the top shelf, but can't seem to reach it. And theres no one around to help you. 2 small, easy to use joysticks controls a telescoping claw on the front of the cart, powered by a small motor and rechargable battery built in near the bottom of the cart.

Push the the left one up and down to make it extend or retract, and left and right to make the grabber end rotate to fit the shape of the item. Then use the right to make the grabber part point tward the item, and then press a red button on top to make it grab. Then slowly lower it, and drop the item into the cart.

At night when the store closes, workers plug the carts in (like the immoble people chairs) and when the store opens, unplug them, and get them ready for another day of grabbing.

paperclip987, Feb 02 2005

Get one of these! http://images.googl...en%26lr%3D%26sa%3DN
Also available as Robot Claw. [gnomethang, Feb 02 2005]


       Add a camera and wireless networking and you could do tele-shopping
BPhilpotts, Feb 02 2005

       at last we can do away with ladders
benfrost, Feb 02 2005

       bit worried that they will be used to squeeze the fruit...
po, Feb 02 2005

       'salright [po] Liberace is dead.
ConsulFlaminicus, Feb 03 2005


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