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Car plus Trolley

Add shopping cart to the back of a small car instead of the trunk.
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Add shopping cart to the back of a small car instead of the trunk.

YOU drive to the store.

YOU grab your trolley/shopping cart off the back of your car.

YOU shop. Checkout. No need to bag anything.

YOU put cart on back of car (by ramp or robot arm or... )

YOU Drive home. Push cart into kitchen. Put it all away. Put cart back on car ready for next trip.


Since it is your cart, you can add radio, computer, safe, pockets, flowers to cart as you wish.

Also People who shop for other's professionally, might find it useful and good advertising.

3/26 Addendum

a. Shopping carts could be made to fold flat. They already make them nest. Could go in some existing car trunks. They could be the thin end of the wedge of letting foreign carts into various stores

b. A kids push toy with cart and car would be good start as far as working out a design.

c. A kids toy with the small electric cars kids now have would be a second place to proof the design.

d. A brochure with pretty shopper and cart photo shopped onto a dozen existing cars would help sell the idea.

e. Three wheeled motorcycles with carts would never sell. Well certainly not to Hell's Angels.

f. A old Greyhound bus with ten carts attached below could stop at 10 malls or large stores, dropping 20 club members and then round up the same club of shopaholics. Twenty stores in 6 hours on a Saturday. Whew!

popbottle, Mar 23 2017

Plastic Bag Ban https://ballotpedia...o_Referendum_(2016)
No need to buy 10 cent bags. [popbottle, Mar 23 2017]


       It might be better if the cart could be lifted off the ground after getting attached to the car. The cart's wheels cannot handle road potholes and other roughness without getting destroyed fairly quickly.
Vernon, Mar 23 2017

       With the advent of self-driving cars, just drive into the store, get out, then have your car follow you around at walking pace.
8th of 7, Mar 23 2017

       Instead of having the trolley an add-on, have it a detachable part of the car instead. Like how you used to be able to remove the radio.
pocmloc, Mar 23 2017

       I know some guys who still can.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 23 2017

       Keeping your skills in practice still?
normzone, Mar 23 2017

       I have every car stereo that Sturton has ever bought, going back to 1958, and he still hasn't twigged.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 23 2017

       Is this not just a Citroen 2CV or one of dem bubble-cars?
not_morrison_rm, Mar 24 2017


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