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99 Bottles of Beer: The Musical

Sponsored by ninety nine different breweries
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No plot, just the song and dance. I imagine 99 sexy dancers in see through bottle costumes(each representing a different brand of beer), dancing across the stage like the Rockettes, in an endless procession.
jaksplat, Feb 18 2007


       But, what if one of those bottles should happen to fall?
methinksnot, Feb 19 2007

       take one down, and pass it around ...
nuclear hobo, Feb 19 2007

       Octoberfest will never be the same.   

       The audience would get tired of helping these people crowd-surf.   

       I love the title and stuff, and I laughed. [+]
TahuNuva, Jan 22 2008

       //take one down, and pass it around //   

       You wouldn't belive how much fun that is to do in [jaksplat]'s scenario. Trust me, I've tried.   

       (+). You could be a hit. And the "take one down, pass 'er around" aspect would make you rich at private parties...
Shadow Phoenix, Mar 07 2008

       I just saw this and found it quite amusing. I laughed all by my self for several seconds + (my cat looked at me strangely but then that is nothing new.)
blissmiss, Jul 12 2009

       Brewers could pay a premium to be the last brand to fall, and therefore for the most stagetime.   

       Further, the lumpenproletariat actually watching this could SMS their favorites to keep a bottle on the stage/wall longer.   

       To those that say the above are mutually exclusive, I suggest you watch "reality TV" a little closer....   

       I shudder that this might be taken up...
4whom, Jul 12 2009

       //No plot, just the song and dance.//   

       It would be incredibly boring. It needs a plot.
Voice, May 20 2022


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