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Castro: My Island is your Island

A stage musical based on the life of Castro
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Or rather A stage musical based on life under Castro

Maintain 10 to 20 square blocks of Havana as it is now. Fly in tourists to live a week under the Castro regime of 2010.

All singing all dancing. Get tourists into character for a couple days. Teach them their lines /short/ and dance steps /simple/. Costume and dress rehearsal third day. Then four days living under Castro in 2010. Fly out on the 8th day.

Run the play 50 weeks out of the year, but give the permanent cast two weeks off. If they meet their quota.

Rest in Peace

popbottle, Nov 30 2016


       Roast more likely
theircompetitor, Nov 30 2016

       // Fly out on the 8th day. //   

       What, you don't have to slip awy from the coast on a moonless night in a home-made boat to try and make it to freedom ?
8th of 7, Nov 30 2016


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