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9v glass

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Drinking glasses come in many varieties - pint mugs, shot glasses, highball glasses, red wine glasses, white wine glasses, and even specialist glasses for absinthe, lufienne or ouzo. Curiously, though, none of these glasses involve electricity.

Electricless glasses begone! MaxCo. is moderately delighted to introduce its range of Zapp!™ drinking glasses.

Each Zapp!™ glass has a 9V battery holder in the base. The anode of the battery is connected to a small gold-plated button in the bottom of the glass. The cathode is connected, via a filigree of gold plating, to a gold band that runs around the outside of the glass, a few millimetres below the rim.

The result of all this is that, as you sip your drink, you get that 9V tingle that is otherwise only available by sticking your tongue on battery terminals. Our initial market survey population reported sensations ranging from "unusual" to "odd", but did not unanimously dislike it. We count that as a win.

MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 02 2019

http://www.institut...of-materials-spoons [hippo, Feb 04 2019]


       Is there a direction of potential choice, to clink with other Zapp!™ users?
wjt, Feb 02 2019

       So, this gold-plated button, does it extend through the thickness of the glass to contact the drink inside?   

       If not, then no circuit. But if so, then leakage, unless seals, in which case, rubbery/oily aftertaste.   

       ... Oh, all right, silly-cone.
pertinax, Feb 02 2019

       [pertinax] //button// more a contact glass dress button. Lead acid batteries' electrolyte is open to the air.
wjt, Feb 03 2019

       9 volt.....? Is there not a version with a mains lead dangling from the bottom for the foolish and daring? (like 8th) {+}
xenzag, Feb 03 2019

       // does it extend through the thickness of the glass to contact the drink inside?// It does indeed.   

       // if so, then leakage// A wire is set into the stem at the time of manufacture. Once the molten glass has cooled and hardened, the button is soldered on and then both it and the tip of the wire are gold plated.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 03 2019

       What is ' lufienne' please, [Max]?
bhumphrys, Feb 03 2019

       // a version with a mains lead //   

       We demand a minimum of a 415V 200A 3-phase supply.
8th of 7, Feb 03 2019

       Especially exciting with high-proof liquors. There’s probably an art to not causing a spark.
Worldgineer, Feb 03 2019

       //What is ' lufienne' // It's a sort of schnapps, heavily infused with anise hyssop. It used to be only made illegally and locally, but I believe there is now a commercial brand.   

       //The wires that go through glass when a thermionic valve is made are tungsten// I think you can run other wires through glass. For example, the pins on the bottom of such valves aren't tungsten (or perhaps they're tungsten plated). I know platinum wires can be run through glass - I think the requirements are non-reactivity, wettability by molten glass, and a similar coefficient of expansion to the glass.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 03 2019

       //415V 200A 3-phase//
Hmm, so you could get tingles in upper lip, tongue, lower lip sequentially, although 50Hz may be a little fast...
neutrinos_shadow, Feb 03 2019

       Don't knock it until you've tried it ...
8th of 7, Feb 04 2019

       I wonder if there was a matrix of anodes and cathodes, that could be switched pixelly, forcing electron patterns through the liquor, would the taste change? Sort of cooking in a way.
wjt, Feb 04 2019

       Apparently, eating the same food product using utensils made from different materials - such as silver, stainless steel, bronze, wood or plastic - changes the consumer's perception of the taste of the item.
8th of 7, Feb 04 2019

       [8th] I think this was organised by The Institute of Making (well worth visiting, if you're near UCL - you can see their magnificent Materials Library) - see link.
hippo, Feb 04 2019

       So the gamut of tastes would be wilder with varying materials and dynamic patterns of potentials. I can now see why Pan Galactic Gargle Blasters have the solid hint of gold brick.
wjt, Feb 05 2019


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