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Bar Blinders

Concentrate on what you're doing (and whom you're with!)
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Similar to horse blinders, these beauties are polarized and wear in front on eyeglass frames for the "cool" value, but swing to the sides and turn opaque when pesky bar denizens (perhaps even some of your dearest friends) attempt to distract you from the serious business of drinking. Successfully ignore such jarring interruptions as new arrivals on the scene, the bartender trying to get you to pay your tab, people trying to "borrow" a smoke, etc., and concentrate on the serious business at hand.

Also good for keeping your eyes fixed on your own date, especially if you are easily distracted by cleavage, flashes of thigh, skin-tight apparel, and other scenery likely to get you slapped, dumped, or exiled to the sofa, bringing an unexpected and unwelcome end to an otherwise promising evening.

panamax, Aug 25 2002


       Maybe your date would like to have a bit and bridle on you, too.
FarmerJohn, Aug 25 2002

panamax, Aug 25 2002

       Ye gods.
banshee, Aug 25 2002

       ...to continue... Yipee-Ki-Ey. That's a direct quote.
panamax, Aug 26 2002


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