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Automatic drink fetcher

Get your beer from the bar without getting up
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I'm thinking of some sort of device (possibly a pulley system) which runs from the bar of your pub to your seat, where you can put a little note and your cash into a container which then gets sent to the bar.

The bar person can then pour your drink and put it in a glass (with a lid) and send it back down the pulley system straight to your table....

MrTheRich, Jun 29 2000


       In the Netherlands they have bar tables with metered beer taps, like a gas pump. Serve yourselves, pay before you leave. Probably would not work in the States for liability reasons.
rmutt, Jun 29 2000

       I don't care if it would work in the states. The problem I can see with the metered beer pump idea is people legging it without paying. I suppose it would be ok if you left your credit card behind the bar, although you'd end up so pissed you probably wouldn't be able to sign your name. Mind you, that's not a problem in my local, I just put my first initial and draw a squiggly line and they take that as good enough for them....:)
MrTheRich, Jun 30 2000

       Wait a minute... isn't that called a "wife"? (Sorry, I had that one remaining sexist joke left over from the 20th Century, and had to use it up.)
Ander, Jul 26 2000

       In a bar, that's called the 'barmaid.' At home it was once called 'wife' or 'child.'
arghblah, Dec 01 2000

       Instead of a pulley system, maybe an model train, slightly larger than HO scale, whose track ran around the perimeter of the room at table level. Each car on the train could be numbered and matched with a corresponding table that also had a number. As the train comes by, you put your order on your table's car. When it comes around again, you look on that same car for your drink.
PotatoStew, Dec 01 2000

       There are "sushi boat" bars that move little boats loaded with sushi past the eaters; you take whatever you like (a little plate at a time), and pay for your plates at the end of the evening.   

       To the best of my knowledge, that principle hasn't yet been applied to alcoholic drinks in bars. I'm curious, but ony in a very bad "science experiment gone horribly wrong" way.
jutta, Dec 06 2000

       I'm not sure about the sushi binger (I assume it's similar), but kaitenzushi in Japan works on this principle. You take what sushi you want from the conveyor belt. The plates are color-coded and you just pay for it all when you leave by presenting your plates.
Vance, Feb 05 2001

       The best idea I've hear so far! This website is tres cool fool! I'm not an alcoholic yet, but this invention would help me on my way! Mine's a double bailys and coke - yuk!
Curly Nugget, Nov 12 2003

       Conveyor belt?
DesertFox, May 10 2004


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