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bar relief

gotta go - mind my stool
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you need to spend a penny at the pub and don't want to lose your bar stool so you prop up some sort of lookalike inflatable doll to keep your place.

my advice, make it BIG and UGLY with a 2 pint glass of frothing beer and hands like a gorilla and a winning smile.

po, Mar 08 2003


       From an old joke: "I've spat on this chair".
DrCurry, Mar 08 2003

       Placard: BRB - forgot my .357 magnum
thumbwax, Mar 08 2003

       DrCurry will delete in 5 minutes :)
po, Mar 08 2003

       i've always like the idea of signing your name on any chair you sit on, so you have the ultimate response to 'I don't see your name on it'.
sambwiches, Mar 08 2003

       Referencing the summary...//gotta go - mind my stool//   

       Haven't you already gone?
silverstormer, Mar 08 2003

       well spotted - give that man a sugar lump, I am all out.
po, Mar 08 2003

       [sambwiches] Which leads us to:
'Stam-P-ants' - now with Auto-ink technology.
phoenix, Mar 08 2003

       One incidental thing the bakery is great for: learning slang from other countries. I had never heard the slang "spend a penny" (meaning "use the restroom") until this idea.
krelnik, Mar 10 2003

       [DrC]: I belive the original was a note left by a glass of beer: "I've spat in this" to which was added "So have I".
A friend of my mother's would drop his glass eye in his beer when he had to leave it temporarily.
angel, Mar 10 2003

       ...presumably staring at the bottom of a glass
thumbwax, Mar 10 2003

       not the clockwork glass eye that made the tumbler rotate slowly clockwise on the coaster - how that worked, no-one knew except the goldfish.
po, Mar 10 2003

       angel - here's looking at you, kid...
lostdog, Mar 10 2003

       [lostdog] funny how the people you most want to talk to, have no email addresses on their profile.   

       what does that say about me ?- no buggar emails me.
po, Mar 10 2003

       I'll e-mail you...
DRudge, Mar 13 2003


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