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A-Pillar Exhaust

Send exhaust up and over body, not under it
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Most car engines draw their fuel/air mixture from the top of the engine and expell their exhaust gasses down through a manifold into the exhaust pipes under and out the back of the car.

There would be fewer pumping losses if the exhaust went straight up and out, like on a semi truck or a top fuel drag racer.

The exhaust would come out of the top of the engine (the intake manifold on a V-8 would then become the exhaust manifold), into some type of muffler, and through exhaust pipes integrated into the A-pillars.

This would also isolate the intake system from a good deal of the hot air rising up off the engine, as well as providing an easy way to heat the windshield and passenger compartment with the hot exhaust gasses.

The only problems I see are packaging the entire exhaust system under the hood, and striking a balance between making the pillars with a large diameter (to improve gas flow), and making them small to improve visibility. I suppose high-performance cars might just vent their exhausts out the quarter panels, similar to Buick's "portholes."

discontinuuity, Jan 18 2006


       In cold climates, the exhaust condenses and hugs the ground. It might make an effective smokescreen if vented on the top, but reduced visibility isn't something most drivers enjoy, especially on icy roads.
Aq_Bi, Jan 18 2006

       Could be especially interesting if Sally Soccermom stuffes her Soy HalfCaf Venti Latte into the exhaust pipe before loading Biffy Buffy, Bunni and Belvidere into their car seats and driving off (forgetting the "coffee")   

       Something is going boom.
Galbinus_Caeli, Jan 18 2006

       The exhaust wouldn't go into the passenger compartment, it would go up and out the top of the roof. You could even have pipes that carry the exhaust farther up past the car. I don't see how the exhaust could get inside the car or interfer with visibility if it is released above the roof.
discontinuuity, Jan 18 2006


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