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anti reversion valve

stop reversion instead of slowing it
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all i can find on anti reversion headers on the internet is a cone like nozzle that points in the direction of the exhaust flow and hinders flow in the wrong direction.

what if we could stop it all together?

the latest idea i have had for this is two semi circle shaped flanges with small hinge rods on their side, inside the exhaust manifold. mounted horizontaly, (making a circle) that open in the directoion of the air flow.

a mounting bracket will be needed to hold the two flanges inplace and on that, in the middle is a angled section to hold the top flange up a little (so that the exhaust will push it shut)(gravity will control the bottom one)

i'd like to have some sort of spring setup but that would be too impractical

i apologieze for my lack of descriptive powers

usmell, Feb 13 2004

Butterfly Check Valve http://www.fsbic.co...ng_Check_Valve.html
A diagram of a butterfly check valve. [GenYus, Oct 04 2004]


       One approach might be to use a venturi. The air flows through a pipe that is first wide, and then narrow. There's also a "loopback" pipe that runs back from the narrow part to the wide part. Air flow in the loopback pipe is ALWAYS from the wide part to the narrow part, because pressure is highest in the wide part, regardless of the direction of flow. Therefore, it makes flow in the direction from wide to narrow easier than flow from narrow to wide. Of course, this has never been baked, AFAIK, so I don't know if it would work.
TerranFury, Feb 27 2004

       [usmell], you've just described a butterfly check valve.
GenYus, Feb 27 2004


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