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Buses exhaust systems

Directional dispersion of particulates
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A simple redesign whereby instead of buses blasting pedestrians with particulates as they happily stroll along the pavements. The exhaust either points straight back, blasting the car user or courier behind. Or it points into the middle of the road thus blasting the same, travelling in the opposite direction. I've never seen any vehicles that have exhausts that point downward and towards the middle of the road. One of the answers would be to buy an opposite drive car and use that on the roads.
WorldCrazyGolfChamp, Feb 03 2006


       In Australia, most cars seem to have the exhaust on the R.H.S (towards the middle of the road). Like you, [WCGC], I always thought this was fairer. Are you in the U.S.? Maybe our R.H.S. exhaust cars are models where the steering wheel etc. have been switched over but not the exhaust, which implies that the original intention was to blast pedestrians. It's the innocent who suffer in any war.
spidermother, Feb 03 2006

       The buses in NYC are mostly blasting people with hot air from their ac units.   

       Just do what they do for big trucks - have the exhaust go up and vent at the top, with a little clanking lid.
DrCurry, Feb 03 2006

       I'm not certain, but I think some of the newer London buses have some kind of furnace built into the exhaust system... Pollutants and particulates are incinerated.
Dub, Feb 03 2006

       //blasting pedestrians with particulates as they happily stroll along the pavements// just at baby buggy height and hence the explosion in the numbers of asthmatic children in my opinion. we have had this conversation before but its good to do it again...
po, Feb 03 2006

       //just at baby buggy height // That's not the least of their worries - Some pram pushers I've seen stand safely on the kerb, whilst pushing the pram into the path of oncoming vehicles!
Dub, Feb 03 2006

       I recall that many cars built in the 1970's (gm cars in particular) had downward exhaust. It probably emissions testing very difficult for states and municipalities that have a manditory program for all vehicles.
Jscotty, Feb 03 2006


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