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Digital Exhaust

Virtual High Performance
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Enjoy the sensation of driving a high-performance car without garnering the ire of your neighbors or the attention of the police. Digital Exhaust is an electronic sound generator that makes your Kia, Vauxhall, Trabant, Honda Civic or other utility car sound like a Ferrari V-12. Utilizing input from the tachometer, Digital Exhaust produces high performance digital audio exhaust that matches engine speed. Simply select the make, number of cylinders and degree of backfire and Digital Exhaust will generate the appropriate exhaust tones and send them through your car stereo for your driving pleasure.

Keep the windows rolled up and nobody will know the difference.

Note: Not available for vehicles with continuously variable transmissions.

nuclear hobo, Mar 12 2007

Car Sounds http://www.newscien...rticle.ns?id=dn2812
Engine sounds instead of exhaust [neutrinos_shadow, Mar 13 2007]


       I'd rather all the cars were silent. There's enough noise without generating more. This would necessitate that the artificial exhaust note be loud enough to drown out the genuine noise, thus adding even moreso to the cacaphony.
elhigh, Mar 12 2007

       Isn't this typically done with a broom handle and a hammer? Just bang your way through the baffles of your muffler and you can sound just as stupid as the next boy racer. But as a way to extract money from the dim, I like this.(+)
Galbinus_Caeli, Mar 12 2007

       I read about an electric motorbike that had electric engine noise to appeal to those who like that sort of thing. Can't find the link now.
TheLightsAreOnBut, Mar 12 2007

       //Isn't this typically done with a broom handle and a hammer? // The idea is to have it sound *bad* on the inside so that only the driver hears it.
nuclear hobo, Mar 12 2007

       Perhaps the broom handle and the hammer should be applied to the driver.
Galbinus_Caeli, Mar 12 2007

       //Perhaps the broom handle and the hammer should be applied to the driver.// Exactly what I was thinking! This was inspired by my neighbor ...
nuclear hobo, Mar 12 2007

       Okay, I get it now: the noisemaker only does its thing INSIDE the car. Reading your post at typical no-I'm-not-slacking speed must have skipped me past that part.   

       Still not keen on it, though.   

       Trabant, ha, funny. I'll change my vote for that alone.
elhigh, Mar 12 2007

       //Trabant, ha, funny.// I suppose you could have a version for people with weird senses of humour, to make Ferraris go 'rrrrrdingdingdingdingding!'
Ned_Ludd, Mar 13 2007

       This has been done for engine sounds, as opposed to ehaust sounds. See linky.
neutrinos_shadow, Mar 13 2007


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